Make Time for Sibling Bonding with New Playlists from Netflix #StreamTeam

My two boys may be brothers, but that doesn’t mean they always get along! One minute, the two of them are playing together with big smiles and the next they’re snapping at each other angrily because one did something the other didn’t like. It’s enough to make a mom go crazy! Luckily, there are a few things my boys always agree on…like watching some of their favourite shows on Netflix, for example!

When it comes to ending sibling rivalry, Netflix knows what it’s doing! The next time your little ones start griping at one another, check out the fun and unifying Siblings Playlists to find shows that the entire family can enjoy. From comedy to adventure to education, Netflix knows that siblings can always find some common ground!

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The Tale of Two Ages playlist has the perfect collection when you want to find a show that your toddler and your tween can enjoy together. Choose from a Netflix Original like Fuller House or a crowd-pleasing movie such as How to Train Your Dragon 2. No matter what ages you’re trying to entertain, this playlist has plenty of great options.

Or, if you want to entertain one child that’s sweet as sugar and another that’s full of sass and spunk check out the Sugar and Spice playlist! Shows like Dawn of the Croods and Lilo and Stitch have the perfect combination of spirited mischief and simple sweetness that’s sure to keep both your little ones captivated.

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But personally, the Meet in the Middle playlist is the one that suits my boys best. When one’s in the mood for high-paced action and the other just wants to relax and laugh his worries away, Zackary and Benjamin can choose from favourites including Penguins of Madagascar: The Movie and Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday for hours of excitement and hilarity!

I’ve accepted that there’s no way my boys are always going to get along. In fact, some days it seems as if they spend all their time arguing! But then there are those moments when both kids are snuggled together on the couch under a blanket, watching a favourite show and enjoying each other’s company. At those moments, I can’t help but smile at how close the two of them are and how quickly they can set aside their differences! Check out these handy playlists on Netflix and let your kids do some watching and bonding. It’s a fun and easy way to let siblings spend quality time together!

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16 thoughts on “Make Time for Sibling Bonding with New Playlists from Netflix #StreamTeam”

  1. Netflix makes picking something to watch for the entire family so easy, we love it! Will have to check out these playlists!

  2. I watched peewee’s big holiday … it was awesome hubby said i think your losing your mind lol i love all the movies , my kids used to argue about everything lol , now they get along so good its amazing :)

  3. My niece and nephew are crazy about fuller house, reminds me of when I was young watching full house, makes me smile.

  4. Sibling rivalry, oh the joys, I went through it all with my two girls and now that they have their own families they still fight, it’s a love hate

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