Tips from Duracell Canada for #EmergencyPreparednessWeek Can Help Keep Your Family Safe-Giveaway

The first week of May here in Saskatchewan is a week of sunshine, blue skies and gloriously warm temperatures. With such beautiful weather, I can’t help but feel like nothing in the world could go wrong. But the first week of May is also Emergency Preparedness Week, a time to make sure that your house and family are ready for the unexpected. If you’re not sure where to start, Duracell Canada has a handy checklist and some tips just for you! Print them out and make sure you’re ready for anything!

duracell emergency kit checklist

I didn’t realize until I read through this list just how many emergency items we needed to add to our house. And the items we did have weren’t conveniently packed together. Instead, batteries, bandages and non-perishible food were in different places on different stories of the house…not the best situation in case of an emergency! That’s why I’m making it my mission to assemble a proper emergency kit for my household over the next seven days.

If your house could use an emergency kit too, you’re in luck! Duracell Canada is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their own Emergency Kit of supplies including Duracell Quantum batteries, flashlights, a radio, a first aid kit, a multi-tool, a can opener, a duck mask, duct tape, an emergency blanket and a whistle, a $200 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about whether your family currently has a household emergency kit.

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In the winter, I never drive my car unless my emergency supplies are safely stowed in the trunk. Knowing that I have booster cables, a candle for warmth, food and a blanket just in case my car breaks down gives me so much peace of mind when I’m driving. And now I’m applying that same philosophy to my house by having supplies ready in case of a household emergency too! Go through the list, make sure your family knows what your emergency plans are and visit for other useful ideas and tips. Then relax knowing that you’re prepared for life’s surprises!

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  1. No we do not have an emergency kit at home. We have some things but they are scattered here and there

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