New Netflix Series’ for Kids Provide Action-Packed Summer Fun #StreamTeam

As far as I’m concerned, summer should be all about having fun, from active days spent swimming, running and playing outside to lazy days relaxing indoors and watching a favourite show. Today is my boys’ last day of school for the year and I’m already anticipating all the fun we’re going to have over the next two months together!

voltron legendary defender

As usual, part of that fun will include some family television time with Netflix! The company has so many fun exclusive shows for kids, including the brand new Voltron: Legendary Defender series! My space-loving boys were immediately caught up in the story of the five space explorers that discovered Voltron and then learned to control the massive weapon to defend the universe. As usual, DreamWorks has put together a thrill ride of adventure and laughs that the entire family will enjoy watching.

For those that want even more stories of flying through the air and protecting loved ones, Netflix is ready! The brand new season of Dragons: Race to the Edge, featuring Hiccup and his beloved dragon Toothless, is available to watch right now! Whether you’re already a fan of the series or watching it for the first time, the story of this young Viking boy and his pet dragon is sure to entertain.

Of course, the kids shouldn’t be the ones having all the fun this summer! Once your young ones are tucked into bed, make sure to check out the brand new season of Orange is the New Black. This hit series’ newest season is better than ever and a great way to unwind after a long day of keeping the kids entertained.

Netflix is such a perfect choice for summer entertainment both because of its variety and because it’s so easy both to put on one quick episode of a show to unwind after a day of playing or to plan a movie marathon the whole family can join. Check out the new kids’ entertainment available for summer and get ready for fun, action, adventure and excitement that will help make summer even more fun for everyone!

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