The NETGEAR Arlo Q HD Security Camera is an Easy Way to Add Security to Your Home

Making the switch from a small town to a small city has been an interesting experience for me, and it’s one that I’m still adjusting to in some ways. Not letting my boys have free run of the surrounding streets is strange, but they do still have all the space around our townhouses for playtime (especially when they’re with a group of neighbour kids). Remembering to always lock the door when leaving the house took a few days but I got into the habit fairly quickly. Yet occasionally there are still things about city life that surprise me…like when I hopped into my car a few weeks ago and realized somebody had broken into it.

Luckily, nothing had been taken and I quickly cleaned up the mess that was made. But the experience did make me want to add a little extra security to our home. There wasn’t anything of value in my car and rarely is. But our house is another matter! Luckily, I recently received the NETGEAR Arlo Q HD Security Camera with Audio to review and I knew it would be the perfect solution for adding some extra monitoring to our home.

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Since the Arlo Q is a battery-free AC outlet-powered camera, it’s best suited to indoor use. It connects directly to a home’s router so that constant monitoring is quick and easy. Best of all, it has all the features you need to be able to keep your home safe, from night vision to audio capabilities!

I set up our Arlo Q camera on the top of our bookcase so that it covered the living room area and the back door. With the 1080p HD resolution of the camera, I was able to always get a crystal-clear view of my home’s interior. And with night vision and free cloud recording for seven days, I even had the security of knowing my house would be monitored if I was on vacation!

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Setting up the camera was surprisingly quick and easy, though I have to admit I often wasn’t sure why certain steps were needed. I first downloaded the Arlo app and pressed the button to set up a new system. The phone searched for and found the camera as soon as I entered the WiFi information and pressed the camera’s Sync button when directed. Then a QR code popped up on the phone screen and I held it in front of the camera until I heard a chime indicating the image had been seen. Finally, I entered my email address and password to set up my Arlo account.

Just like that, my camera was operational and detecting motion and sound in the room. Of course, since it was monitoring while I was in the room, I got quite a few notifications at first! It was so much fun to be able to look at the recording of what had just happened in the room or even watch myself live as I moved around.

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The next step was to set a schedule for the camera, something that was done within a few minutes on my phone. The camera now comes on at a scheduled time each night once we’re all in bed and monitors the area. And when we’re away from home, I simply turn on the Arlo Q with my phone and the house is constantly monitored until we get back! I especially like the fact that the camera automatically notifies me if it detects movement or noise. There’s no need to be constantly checking in!

For indoor security, this camera is a convenient, easy-to-use and effective choice for day and night. For those that require more than just seven days of free Cloud recording, upgraded plans are available for an additional charge. But for our home, the free program provides all the security and monitoring I need. And the fact it’s so simple to set up and operate is a huge plus. If you’d like to protect your home a little more, the Arlo Q is a great way to do that. Learn more on the NETGEAR Arlo website and see if this camera is a good fit for your household.

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2 thoughts on “The NETGEAR Arlo Q HD Security Camera is an Easy Way to Add Security to Your Home”

  1. This looks like a really great system – it would be perfect to keep an eye on your home while away traveling! Not a bad price either looking at their website

    1. I REALLY love how user-friendly it is too! I’m no tech whiz so the fact I can pretty much plug it in and be done is so nice! Will be very handy when we head to Ontario in a week! :D

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