Like Free Samples? Come Claim Yours and Check Out the New Mommy Kat and Kids Samples Program!

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If you love free samples (and really, who doesn’t), I have some fantastic news for my readers! Mommy Kat and Kids is planning a fun new monthly sample program for 2017! But first, I need to make sure you’re interested in great free samples tailored to you and delivered to your door every month. That’s why I’m running a test program to see how many of my readers love free samples as much as I do.

And joining in couldn’t be easier! Just click the graphic above to visit the exclusive Mommy Kat and Kids Samples page. Answer a few quick questions and you’ll receive an email with your free sample offers from Kraft, Kool-Aid and other top brands you already love. It’s fun, easy and will hopefully lead to many more free sample opportunities in the coming year!

If you have any questions or issues, please let me know so I can work on correcting them right away. Free stuff should be fun, never frustrating! And then sit back, relax and enjoy fun samples of great products delivered right to your door. Thanks for taking part in this first test run of the Mommy Kat and Kids Samples program!

13 thoughts on “Like Free Samples? Come Claim Yours and Check Out the New Mommy Kat and Kids Samples Program!”

    1. Hi Donna! I’ve learned that the app has a minimum 10-friend restriction to help guard against people creating multiple accounts to claim extra samples. Are you over that number? If you are, let me know and I’ll investigate further!

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