The Hyundai Santa Fe Sleigh is Spreading Holiday Cheer to Deserving Children

There’s no doubt that the holiday season is the most magical time of the year, but even the most passionate holiday fan can sometimes get a little worn out and disillusioned with the whole event. That’s why this year, Hyundai Canada teamed up with the king of holiday spirit, Santa Claus himself, to bring good wishes and cheer to some of those who deserved it most: Children in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Toronto program!

hyundai santa fe sleigh

Riding safely and comfortably in his brand new Hyundai Santa Fe Sleigh, complete with a reindeer and a wooden sleigh on the roof rack, Santa and his elves paid a personal visit to the children and delivered a special gift from each child’s wish list. Of course, arriving at his destination safely was no trouble for Santa in the Santa Fe Sleigh, and the children couldn’t have been more excited to see his fancy new ride!

Whether you’ve been having trouble embracing the holidays this year or you just want to add even more magic to your season, watching this video of children meeting Santa in person and receiving their gifts is sure to have you beaming from ear to ear. Check it out below and see St. Nick delivering smiles and happiness in Toronto!

I love that Hyundai Canada found such a fun and unique way to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday season and I’m sure that the lucky children that met Santa Claus in person will remember the experience for the rest of their lives. Long after the gifts they received have been outgrown, each and every child will still have the memory of being so special that Santa came to visit them in person to let them know they were important. Empowering children to believe in magic and in themselves…what an amazing way to celebrate the spirit of the holidays!

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