Send a Message To Someone You Love this Holiday Season with UPS Canada

For the most part, I’m pretty lucky to have my loved ones close when the holidays roll around. One of my sisters lives in the same city as me, while my other siblings and my mother are only about a two-hour drive away. Each year, we pick a day shortly after Christmas to meet and enjoy some gift exchanges, food and conversation while the cousins get some playtime with one another. But my husband’s family is another matter.

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Jeremy was born and raised just outside Barrie, Ontario, and almost all his family and extended family are still in the area. We’re very close to his family members and luckily, we usually see his parents at least two or three times a year. But his brothers, grandparents and other relatives are another story. And during the holidays, we always miss having them close by.

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That’s why this year, we’ll be sending a message in a parcel to Jeremy’s grandparents to let them know that we’re thinking of them, with help from the fun and clever UPS Canada Message in a Parcel! This innovative shipping box features a built-in recording device so that the recipient can play a personally recorded message from the sender!


UPS recently gave a few select Canadians a chance to send a message in a parcel by giving away some of these unique gift boxes to Facebook fans. But of course, anyone can send a special message to a loved one in other ways this holiday season! From a homemade gift to a handwritten note, there’s all kinds of ways to let special people far away know that you care. And with UPS to help you make those essential deliveries on time, even a last-minute package can bring holiday cheer before the big day!

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I can’t wait to send our Message in a Parcel off to bring some holiday happiness to loved ones far away, and thanks to UPS Canada’s guaranteed delivery promise, I know that my package will be under the tree on Christmas Day, ready to bring smiles when it’s opened! Visit the UPS website to get a quote on your delivery and see just how quick and easy it can be to send a holiday wish to a loved one. Even if you can’t be there on Christmas, UPS makes it easy to show that you care!

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