Celebrate International Women’s Day with 4 Inspiring Documentaries from Netflix

As the only women in a house full of males, I often think about how lucky I am to have a husband that truly understands the importance of feminism, and I also wonder how I can best teach my boys that same respect for women. Since International Women’s Day just passed, finding ways to celebrate how far we’ve come in forwarding women’s rights and investigating what we can do better is on the forefront of many people’s minds. If you’re looking for some inspiration, these four documentaries on Netflix are a great place to start!

Miss Representation

miss representation movie poster

I had the chance to see an exclusive premier of this movie when it first debuted and it has a powerful message about the destructive representation of women by the entertainment and media industries. Seeing the way that the media’s portrayal of women influences the way women are perceived by society had me inspired to find ways to change the narrative and ensure women are seen as the strong, complex and unique individuals they truly are.

The Invisible War

the invisible war movie poster

For decades, women have had to struggle to earn a place standing and fighting as equals with men in the military. So, the knowledge that a female in the US military is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire is shocking and heartbreaking. This documentary delves into the military’s history of sexual assault and the empty promises it has made with regards to addressing the problem.

She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

she's beautiful when she's angry movie poster

Need to get inspired? Look no further than this documentary that tells the story of the women that spearheaded the 1960s women’s movement. Seeing their power and passion for equality both made me appreciate how far we’ve come and filled me with the desire to do more. And I loved the great balance of education, emotion and humour in the film.

The Boxing Girls of Kabul

the boxing girls of kabul

This Canadian documentary follows the journey of a group of female boxers in Afghanistan as they fight to earn a place representing their country at the 2012 Olympic Games. In addition to the rigours of training, the women are subjected to insults, harassment and threats from others in a sport that most of the country believes is only suitable for men. The courage of these athletes is nothing short of motivational.

All four of these documentaries are a great reminder of just why International Women’s Day is so important. And no matter which one you decide to check out, you’re sure to be impressed by some of the amazing women that have shaped our history and are now forging our future! Any empowering movies you would add to the list?

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15 thoughts on “Celebrate International Women’s Day with 4 Inspiring Documentaries from Netflix”

  1. They are some great choices for sure! :) And those are some amazing stats; I didn’t realize Quebec was so far behind on granting women the right to vote!

  2. I have always liked Aliens – she’s a crazy strong woman not screaming for a man’s help. Or Resident Evil -Alice really kicks ass! Also there’s Blow Dry, Working Girl and Shirley Valentine. And 70′ and the early 80’s sitcoms are full of strong women kicking ass to survive; Alice, Kate and Allie and One Day at a Time.

    I looked for these growing up – my Mom was divorced and my Dad took off so I was looking for other people in the same boat trying their hardest to live and do well.


  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Sounds like a great list to me, I’ve not heard of any of them before but you have piqued my interest. :-) It’s incredible when you think about it that women were at one time second class citizens in most countries and still are in some. In Canada women were given the vote in 1916 in the four western provinces, in 1917 in Ontario, in 1918 in Nova Scotia, in 1919 in New Brunswick, in 1922 in Prince Edward Island, and in 1940 in Quebec.

  4. oh wow ! I never heard of any of these but they look and sounds very inspiring. The one that interests me the most is She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

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