Get Kids Involved in the Show with New Netflix Interactive Storytelling

If there’s one thing kids seem to crave in the summer, it’s interaction. They want to be involved in everything that’s going on, and for a busy parent with work, chores and other things taking up time, dealing with that needy child can be exhausting! But this summer, Netflix Canada has found a unique and fun-filled way to come to the rescue with its new interactive viewing experience!

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So what exactly is interactive viewing? Essentially, children no longer just watch their favourite characters in zany adventures…they make choices that determine the direction the story takes! At certain points in the story, kids will be asked to choose between two different scenarios using the remote control. My oldest son has been fighting illness for the last few weeks, so the two of us decided to sit down and test out the new innovation by watching Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale together.

While the story started just like any other Netflix cartoon, it didn’t take long before Zackary was given a choice to make. Would Puss in Boots fight a giant, or fight a tree? I loved the humour that was built into the choices themselves and after making a few wacky decisions, it was obvious that even making a seemingly mellow decision would result in some action, adventure and hilarity. We both enjoyed seeing how the story would progress, and I especially liked how we were given the option to go back and see where our other choices would have led at the end of the show. It was classic Choose Your Own Adventure fun…in Netflix form!

Whether your child has discovered the new interactive options on Netflix or not, help curb those summer boredom blues with colouring sheets from the new Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale adventure! Just click the image below to download a printable PDF file with four different colouring pages, then break out the crayons and get ready to see how your choices change the story as Puss struggles to escape a maniacal narrator that’s trapped him in a book!


The next interactive story, Buddy Thunderstruck, will be debuting later this month, so make sure to check out one or both of these Netflix Interactive episodes and see what your child thinks of this new style of watching. It’s a perfect way to let kids feel like they’re part of the action as they’re looking for new ways to entertain themselves this summer!

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