Make Your Child’s Birthday Extra Special with Netflix Birthdays-on-Demand

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When I was a child, my mom’s birthday parties were known for being amazing. They were always at home, never the arcade or restaurant parties some of my friends had. And my mom always cooked all the food and planned all the games herself.

As a parent myself, I loved throwing the same types of parties, and coming up with different themes was one of my favourite activities. My oldest son still talks about his DIY Super Mario Brothers birthday party five years ago to this day!

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But for the last two years, we’ve been in a transition phase. First the boys and I moved away from my hometown to live with my husband. Then we moved again to the city we’ll call home indefinitely. Even now, we’re renting a townhouse as our dream home is being built just outside the city.

That means for the last few years, birthday parties have been a little chaotic and sometimes skipped altogether. And with changing schools frequently as well, Benjamin, my poor October 5th boy, has had to forgo a party more than once.

Now, finally, he’s in the same school as last year, with a little group of friends that are excited to celebrate his birthday. And Netflix has given me a fun and innovative way to add an extra little bit of magic to his day.

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Netflix Birthdays-on-Demand is a collection of 14 birthday videos created especially to help your little one feel special on his big day. Featuring favourite characters including Pikachu, King Julian, Barbie and more, there’s sure to be a video your child will love.

Personally, I can’t wait to surprise Benjamin with the LEGO Ninjago birthday greeting video when he wakes up on October 5th. It’ll be the perfect way to start his day off with a smile and let him have an extra-special birthday after not having parties with friends for a few years.

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If you have a little one that’s going to be celebrating a birthday soon, make sure to check out these fun videos on Netflix. No matter how simple or elaborate you get when planning your child’s party, a special greeting from a favourite animated character is an easy way to add a little more magic to a birthday.

While I still don’t have the option of planning an at-home celebration quite yet, I have made sure that Benjamin will have a great day this year. It will start with his Netflix Birthday-on-Demand video, then we’ll head to the local arcade with his friends for a party. With Netflix to lend a hand, birthdays have never been more fun!

16 thoughts on “Make Your Child’s Birthday Extra Special with Netflix Birthdays-on-Demand”

  1. Happy birthday to Benjamin, hope his day is extra special.
    Thanks very much for this terrific idea, it’s my grandson’s b’day on Oct 29th and he’s a huge Lego Ninjago fan.

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I think this is a great idea from Netflix and certainly makes it much easier (and cheaper) for the parents rather than renting out somewhere for entertainment and the party.

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