Questions by Netflix, Answers by Google!

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My boys have inherited a few different traits from me, and one of the ones I see most often is their insatiable curiosity. I can never be sure what random questions they’ll come up with as we’re chatting, but I always enjoy finding or explaining answers!

Sometimes, the questions are ones that have me wondering too. When my kids asked what the crease between the nose and mouth was called, I wasn’t sure. But I wanted to know the answer as much as they did! (It’s a philtrum, by the way.)

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And sometimes, the questions are hilarious! (But they still lead to some great conversations.) When five-year-old Zackary matter-of-factly asked me “But why CAN’T we eat human?” I couldn’t help but smother a laugh. We did have a great chat about socially acceptable behaviour and cannibalism, though!

Netflix has always been a place that inspired some great questions, since Netflix Originals tend to be especially creative and inspired. My middle son’s love of The Magic School Bus Rides Again has him asking all kinds of questions about nature and science.

And watching hit shows like The OA and The Crown had me wanting to learn more about psychic experiences and the Royal Family. Luckily, in our modern age, answers to any questions are just a click away!

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To me, that makes all those questions even better…the ability to Google and get answers quickly and easily. It encourages my kids to learn even more about the world around them. And that makes Netflix and Google a winning combination in my book!

No matter what shows pique the interest of you or your family, there’s always some new questions the shows can inspire. And Canadians of all ages are Googling about their favourite shows to get answers. It’s such a great way to combine entertainment and education for the whole family!

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