olay luminous after photo kathryn lavalleeKathryn Gignac is the mother of three very energetic and mischievous boys. Zackary, born in 2006, loves anything sports and is enjoying his newfound freedom as a teen, while Benjamin embraces the arts and spends his time on crafts and practicing his guitar. Baby Cormac, born in 2017, spends his time following his brothers around and imitating everything they do. Kathryn, her husband Jeremy and her family live just outside Saskatoon, SK in their custom-built dream house on 6 acres of prairie.

Kathryn is a freelance writer and the editor and author of Mommy Kat and Kids. She has has written for Fine Lifestyles Regina, has been featured in Canadian Family, Chatelaine, Flare and on Access7 television and was the winner of the Best Engagement Award in the 2013 Social Media Awards. Her site shares the very best products, services and information with busy moms to help them navigate their choices with authority. When she’s not writing or engaging with her followers, she can usually be found exploring the Saskatchewan wilderness with her boys or enjoying a glass of wine and some great conversation with her husband.

Past Contributors:

Elizabeth Zazalak is the hardworking mother of a precious baby boy named Chase. Chase was born in September of 2011 and spoils his mother by doing unheard-of things like sleeping through the night and smiling almost constantly! They live in Swift Currant, Saskatchewan, Canada. Elizabeth is currently studying business at the University of Regina and when she’s not hitting the books or playing with her son, she can usually be found playing basketball with the Great Plains Sundogs university team or galloping across the prairies on her horse Star Gazer. Her life will be getting even busier with the upcoming birth of her second son!

Brenna Bear is a full-time nurse and busy mother of three adorable little girls and a newborn baby boy.  Anna, who was born in 2007, is a typical princess who enjoys ballet, books and mimicking the fashion sense of her trendy mother.  Isabelle, born in 2010, is the rambunctious one who keeps mom on her toes but also loves learning and music. Brenna is a registered nurse and in her free time, she and her family enjoy a healthy lifestyle filled with outdoor activities and cooking nutritious meals together, enjoyed under a vibrant Saskatchewan sunset whenever possible. Brenna recently gave birth to her third daughter but she has no intention of slowing down and plans to start her nursing career while her husband cares for the girls.

Jennifer Alger Morse is a married mom of two sons born 15 years apart (yes, you read that right!) living in Hamilton, Ontario. A lover of cupcakes, reading good (and not-so-good) books and cooking, she also spends her days working in the marketing department for a well-known franchise restaurant corporation. As fairly recent transplants to Hamilton, she and her family enjoy exploring the city and taking in all it has to offer. Jennifer is also a member of the National Post’s Gastropost weekend feature section where you can read about her completed food “missions”. You can follow her on Twitter @pennesthoughts or on her blog at http://apenne4yourthoughts.blogspot.ca.

Anna Platz writes for the popular personal finance blog Good Cents Savings, which focuses on helping you save money, stick to a budget and live well on less. She is also the mother of a four-year-old daughter who is worth every penny!

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