Holiday Gift Guide 2022

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Dreamegg D9 Portable Sound Machine – This portable, rechargeable sound machine is the perfect way to help little ones sleep longer. Featuring 14 soothing sounds, a nightlight with adjustable brightness, and a sleep timer, it’s a compact and effective way to ease little ones to sleep and help keep them sleeping longer. Find it at select stores online or at dreamegg.comARV: $39.99

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2022 Starlight Bear – Every year, the Starlight Foundation and Toys “R” Us partner to create a bear that honours a very special child and supports the Starlight Foundation. This year’s bear, Sunshine, was designed by Noah, who was diagnosed with several heart defects before she was even born. Sunshine was inspired by Noah’s sunny personality, with a bow and accents in her favorite color: purple! Support seriously ill children like Noah and surprise a little one with a very special cuddly companion when you buy this bear exclusively at Toys “R” Us stores and – ARV: $24.99


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Rocket League Light Blast Racer Breakout – If your child can’t get enough Rocket League, they’ll love being able to bring the fun to life with this sleek new vehicle inspired by the Breakout car in the game. Each motorized vehicle features lights, game sounds, and a replica game ball, and can be customized with different wheel covers and toppers! Find them at select stores in North America; learn more at funrise.comARV: $34.99

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Manimo Weighted Animals – Part weighted blanket and part stuffed animal, this adorable new line of weighted animals has been scientifically proven to help calm the central nervous system, providing relief from anxiety, hyperactivity, and more. Available in four different weights and a variety of animals, these adorable and beneficial toys are sure to become your child’s new best friend. Find them at select stores or online at Learn more at manimo.caARV: $59.95

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Keke Bags – Keeping kids entertained on the go isn’t easy, but Keke Bags are here to help! Start with the original Keke Bag in your child’s favorite color, featuring four pouches that each help to develop a different emerging skill. Then, add on a subscription to receive a set of three new pouches every three months! Designed for children between 3-6, the bags are perfect for ensuring that no matter where you are, you can stave off complaints of being bored. Learn more and order yours at kekekid.comARV: $64.99

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Pinxies Creative Building Sets – Inspire your child’s imagination while they develop STEM skills with these award-winning building sets. The unique combination of plastic building links and graphic paperboard panels can be used to create elaborate play sets, that can then be used for further creative play. Even better, every set is compatible so your child can combine the sets to create amazing new structures. Find them at select stores across North America or online at lukilab.comARV: $19.99-$49.99

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Funkins Very Hungry Caterpillar Lunch Gear – Little ones will love this bright and colorful collection based on the bestselling children’s book by Eric Carle. The set features lunch bags, placemats, cloth napkins, and dish sets in a variety of patterns all featuring everyone’s favorite caterpillar. This gear is sure to make kids smile every time they sit down for lunch! Find it at select stores across North America or online at myfunkins.caARV: $21.95-$34.95

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House Monsters – This adorable collection of plush toys is based on the hit House Monsters YouTube series and features eight different monsters each packed in its own unique habitat box. From the always-hungry Munchy, who lives in the fridge, to the stylish Blushy, who favors the bathroom, kids are sure to love cuddling with these . Find them on Amazon or at lukilab.comARV: $17.99

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Funko Disney Kingdomania – Disney is going digital in this fun new expandable game from Funko! The game takes place in a fictional video game world starring all your favorite Disney friends. Choose a character, set up your level, then fix glitches in the kingdom to win. Start with the Super Game Pack, containing everything you need to start playing…including four 8-bit Disney characters! Then, expand the game with Game Balls to add even more fun. Available at select stores across North America, learn more at funkogames.comARV: $29.99

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Dexor Building Sets – Future engineers will love the experience of creating robots, dinosaurs, and more with these award-winning building sets. Each set features Derek, a budding inventor who becomes Dexor when he enters one of his creations. The easy-to-connect link system gives kids the ability to combine sets and create their own masterpieces, while the finished masterpieces inspire imaginative play. Find the sets on Amazon or online at lukilabs.comARV: $17.99-$19.99

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PAW Patrol Rescue Knights Castle HQ – Kids that can’t get enough of Ryder and his loveable rescue pups are sure to love acting out their favorite stories with this new play set from PAW Patrol Rescue Knights. The castle features a net-shooting cannon, a spinning secret door, a drawbridge and more! With 11 pieces included, your little ones will be ready to save the day, medieval-style! Available at select stores across North America; learn more at spinmaster.comARV: $54.99

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BRIO Christmas Steaming Train Set – This adorable Christmas-themed train from BRIO is the perfect first train set for your preschooler. Featuring a battery-powered train that blows real steam, a Santa figurine and a winch to load gifts, it’s sure to keep little ones entertained for hours. Combine the set with other BRIO products for more imaginative fun! Find it at select stores across North America, learn more at brio.usARV: $169.99

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Gabby’s Dollhouse Kitten Fairy’s Garden Treehouse – Fans of the Gabby’s Dollhouse series on Netflix will love bringing the show to life with this adorable garden treehouse playset. The set features lights, a hidden room, a vine zipline, and adorable characters and furniture that are sure to captivate little ones. Best of all, when playtime is done, the canopy folds down to store the pieces neatly inside. Find the set and other Gabby’s Dollhouse playsets at select stores across North America; learn more at spinmaster.comARV: $44.97

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TekyGo! Junior Bouncer Bundle – If you’ve got a little one between 2-6 and you’re looking for ways to burn off that endless supply of kid energy, you’ll love this unique kids’ gaming console that combines fun, learning, and movement into one hit experience! The TekyGo! Portal connects to a children’s trampoline, letting kids bounce to play a variety of fun and educational games. The Junior Bouncer Bundle contains everything kids need to get started, including the portal, controller, trampoline, and trampoline sensor. With new games added every week, TekyGo! is sure to be your little one’s new favorite toy for months to come. Get it online at tekygo.comARV: $259.00


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Star Wars The Mandalorian Puzzles – Take your teen’s love of The Mandalorian off-screen with the new collection of fun and challenging puzzles from Ravensburger based on the hit series. With both 500-piece and 1000-piece puzzles available, they’re a great choice for both first-time puzzle builders and those in search of a challenge. Find the puzzles at select stores across North America; learn more at ravensburger.comARV: $19.99

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Gravitrax Giant – For the ultimate STEM building experience, there’s no beating Gravitrax. And the new Giant kit lets tweens and teens take their creations to new heights with 409 pieces, walls, pillars, balconies, and so much more. The included accessories add more excitement with fun tricks, twists, and turns. And, best of all, the entire set can be combined with other Gravitrax sets for even more fun. Find it at select stores in North America; learn more at ravensburger.comARV: $249.99

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Board Game – Any teen that’s spent time playing the team-based game Pandemic will enjoy taking the game to the stars with this new board game from Z-Man Games and Asmodee. In this themed version of the hit co-operative game, the droid armies and the Separatist Alliance face off as players travel between planets completing missions and battling for galactic dominance. Find the game at select stores across North America or online at asmodee.comARV: $59.99


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VEGAMOUR GRO Haircare – A woman that wants to keep her tresses in perfect condition is sure to fall in love with the vegan, cruelty-free haircare products from VEGAMOUR. The GRO foundation kit is the perfect way to test out these luxurious products, and features GRO Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner as well as GRO Scalp Detoxifying Serum. Scientifically proven to lead to hair that looks longer, thicker, and healthier hair, this line of haircare products is sure to impress. Find the complete collection line at vegamour.comARV: $18.00-$264.00

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The Seven Keys Of Hildegard Book Series – If there’s a woman in your life that can’t get enough of Dan Brown and James Rollins, she’ll love diving into this new series by Canadian author David Dupuis. The series follows the story of a young boy who was born to become the final pope, the powerful people determined to destroy him, and the approaching final battle between good and evil that a German nun predicted over 1000 years ago. Buy the books on; learn more at davidmdupuis.comARV: $19.99

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Shinesty The Smoking Dens Red Velvet Long Sleeve Jumpsuit – When it comes to celebrating Christmas cheer, nobody does it quite like Shinesty. The company offers a variety of fun and festive dresses and jumpsuits perfect for showing off your holiday spirit in style. And for an outfit that oozes elegance, Shinesty’s red velvet jumpsuit is sure to turn heads at that next festive get-together. View the entire Shinesty collection and shop online at shinesty.comARV: $59.99-$109.99

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ATTITUDE Oceanly PHYTO-GLOW Gift Set – Luxurious skincare products always make a great gift, and this four-piece gift set from ATTITUDE is one that you can feel good about giving! Revive dull-looking skin and give it a healthy glow with an eco-friendly and vegan cleanser, serum, face cream and face oil, all packaged in biodegradable cardboard tubes. Find it at select stores across Canada; learn more at attitudeliving.comARV $59.00


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Ballsy B2 Trimmer and Jolly Jewels Gift Set – A well-groomed man knows that self-care doesn’t stop at the neck, so make sure the stylish guy in your life has the tools he needs to keep himself trim from head to toe with this 4-piece gift set from Ballsy. Featuring the company’s unique B2 Body Trimmer along with body wash, deodorizing spray, and solid cologne, your man will be stepping out with extra confidence after using Ballsy’s high-quality and effective body care line. Find the gift set online at ballwash.comARV: $95.00

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Shinesty Boxer Briefs – Add a touch of holiday cheer to your favorite guy’s underwear drawer with these popular boxer briefs from Shinesty. Featuring a variety of naughty and nice patterns and a design that was created to maximize comfort, they’re sure to be holiday clothing that your man won’t mind wearing all year long. Find them online at shinesty.comARV: $26.99

Stocking Stuffers

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Hatchimals Sibling Pack – The ever-popular Hatchimals are twice the fun with a big kid and baby sibling collectible in every pack! Open the front of the egg to reveal the big kid, then crack the back of the egg to find the baby. The interior of the egg has a unique theme and makes a great backdrop for the stories your little one invents. With 8 Hatchimals families to collect, they’re an adorable addition to any little one’s stocking. Find them at stores across North America; learn more at spinmaster.comARV: $9.99

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Turtle and Guy Picture Book – This adorable story of a guy named Turtle and a turtle named Guy helps show school-aged kids how friendship and compromise can solve any problem. When the two friends receive a message that “Turtle Guy” has won a big prize, Turtle and Guy can’t figure out who the winner could be. Luckily, they find a solution! Find the book on Amazon; learn more at jeremyandjazzy.comARV: $21.99

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Stuck On You Personalized Labels – For kids that have trouble keeping track of all that winter gear, Stuck On You personalized labels are a fun and easy solution. With packages that include stick-on labels, iron-on labels, shoe labels and more, helping your kids keep track of their favorite things can be a breeze. And the labels can be customized with favorite colors and images. Learn more and order online at stuckonyou.caARV: $15.95-$76.95

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Dive Diamonds – Help your little swimmer develop new skills with these fun light-up diving weights from Starlux. Each set of three diamond-shaped weights can be used in a variety of ways to help encourage kids to dive deep and get wet. Dive diamonds light up to make them easier to see underwater, or can be used without lights for more of a challenge. Find them on Amazon; learn more at starluxgames.comARV: $19.90

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Nepal Tea – There’s nothing more relaxing than sipping a perfect cup of tea, and when you’re buying from Nepal Tea, you’re getting just that, and so much more. The company’s organic, hand-plucked tea is packaged at the peak of freshness in handmade bamboo pouches, and shipped right to your door. Even better, tea farmers are paid a living wage and the company is also working to reducing poverty in the country through social work with Nepal Tea Foundation. Learn more and shop online at nepalteacollective.comARV: $14.00

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Everra Magnetic Lash and Liner Set – Help your favorite lady add some extra glam to her look with this unique magnetic lash and liner set from Everra. The kit makes applying false lashes easier than ever before, making this set perfect for a beginner beauty queen. And each set can be worn up to 30 times! Find a variety of different lash styles and kits online at everra.comARV: $34.00