Holiday Gift Guide 2023

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Incredible Group Inflatable Unicorn Snow Tube – Want to find ways to encourage your kids to get outside this winter? This fun inflatable snow tube is sure to do the job! The large four-foot size, sturdy handles, and colorful design will have kids excited to get out into the snow and hit the slopes for a magical ride! Find it at select retailers across North America or online at walmart.caARV: $39.99

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TMNT Mutant Mayhem Half Pipe RC Turtles – Fill your house with serious Turtle Power with the new Mutant Mayhem remote control turtles! These full-function remote controls feature a fun skateboard controller and are designed to perform all kinds of fun skateboard-inspired tricks. The compact size and versatility make this RC a great choice for kids that love to get extreme. Find all four turtles at stores across North America; learn more at teenagemutantninjaturtles.funrise.comARV: $39.99

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Little Passports Kitchen Adventures Subscription Box – From the makers of the Little Passports subscription box comes a fun new way to get kids excited about helping out in the kitchen. Each Kitchen Adventures kit contains recipes and activities from a different region of the world, from Rome to Japan. It’s a great way to introduce little ones to other cultures in a delicious and engaging way! Order online at littlepassports.comARV: $24.95-$30.95

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Gazillion Bubbles Burstin’ Bubble Cloud Machine – Who says bubbles are only for summer? If you have a little one that’s obsessed with bubbles, they’re sure to get excited about this automatic bubble maker. Instead of just the standard round bubbles, this unique machine can also create clouds of multiple bubbles that are extra fun to catch, stack, and pop. Get it at select retailers across North America, learn more at gazillion.funrise.comARV: $44.99

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Asobu Bestie Bottles – Get kids excited about drinking water with these adorable best buddy bottles in a variety of kid-friendly designs! Made of stainless steel with interchangeable silicone heads, kids will have a great time mixing and matching bottles and lids to create their favorite look. The triple insulation ensures drinks stay hot or cold as needed, and the included silicone straw is ideal for kids that don’t like sipping out of a bottle. Plus, every bottle has a no-hassle lifetime warranty! Get them online at asobubottle.comARV: $29.99

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Playmobil Aqua Splish Splash Water Park – Playmobil sets are beloved around the world for their quality and innovation, and the new Aqua line is the perfect example of why! Kids can learn about cause and effect as they turn the crank to help water flow through the park, and get imaginative playing with the figurines, fish, and octopus included in the set. Get it at select retailers across North America or online at playmobil.caARV: $104.99

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TekyGo! Squeezies – The newest accessory from TekyGo! provides hours of educational gaming fun! These adorable plush characters connect to the TekyGo! Portal and act as a controller that leads kids through tons of fun and educational games. Toss, squeeze, throw and catch the plush toy to control the characters in a variety of engaging games. Get the TekyGo! Portal and Squeezies online at tekygo.comARV: $89.00+

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Hot Wheels Epic Crash Dash – If your child has a need for speed, surprise them with this fun-filled Hot Wheels set that features five different crash zones and multiple loops for the most intense race imaginable. The motorized booster keeps up to five cars zooming around the track until, eventually, there’s an awesome crash! Kids will love racing different cars and seeing which one is the last car racing. Find the set at stores across North America or online at amazon.caARV: $79.99

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Noble Collection Minecraft Potion Bottle – This official Minecraft potion bottle does double-duty as a mini light, and cycles through five different colors, so you can always have the potion you need close at hand. With a design that mimics frosted glass and a top of real cork, it’s sure to impress any Minecraft fan with its authentic look. Find it at select retailers, or online at noblecollection.comARV: $39.99

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TekFun Wonder Doodle Board – This handy LED tablet is perfect for creative little ones in your life. Powered by a simply cell battery, they let kids draw on the surface and see their pictures light up in rainbow colors. Varying the pressure creates thinner and thicker lines as kids draw. Then, with the push of a button, the screen is erased and the doodling can start all over again. Best of all, kids can get creative with no mess! Get the Wonder Doodle Board and other LED tablets online at mytekfun.comARV: $18.99

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SpongeBob SquarePants DVDs – New to DVD on December 5th, these three DVD collections starring SpongeBob and his friends are sure to be a hit with fans of the series. Choose from SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete 13th Season, Kamp Koral: Season 1, Volume 2, or The Patrick Star Show: Season 1, Volume 2. Or, surprise a superfan with all three! They’re sure to provide plenty of laughs and entertainment on Christmas morning! Find the DVDs at select stores across North America or online on amazon.caARV: $15.99 each

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CAT Steel Dump Truck – For construction-loving kiddos, the classic CAT dump truck is sure to be a hit. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play, kids will have a blast loading it up, driving it around, and dumping out the cargo. The sturdy construction means this truck can weather whatever jobs your child throws at it. Get it at select stores across North America, learn more at cattoysofficial.comARV: $29.99


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Harry Potter House Mascot Plush – Teens will love showing off their house spirit with this adorable pillow and mascot combo. Choose from Griffendor’s lion, Ravenclaw’s raven, Slitherin’s snake or Hufflepuff’s badger. Each pillow is made of the appropriate house colors, and will add an instant touch of magic to any Harry Potter fan’s bedroom. Find them at select retailers, or online at noblecollection.comARV: $39.99

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Craft Hub Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles – If your puzzle-loving teen is looking for something a little different, these gorgeous wooden puzzles are sure to impress. Featuring vibrant colors and designs, their uniquely shaped pieces make building a Craft Hub wooden jigsaw puzzle an experience like no other. The bird and animal-shaped pieces are sure to be an especial hit. Choose your design from a variety of people, animals, and objects, and get ready for hours of engaging fun! Use coupon code MOMMYKATANDKIDS to save 20% at craft-hub.comARV: $6.00-$21.00

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Thayers Milky Cleanser and Toner Duo – If your teen is battling problem skin, the natural and nourishing skin care products from Thayers may be just what they need. The cleanser smooths and nourishes skin while removing impurities, while the toner helps remove any remaining dirt and bacteria while still maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier. With the power of Snow Mushroom and Elderflower Water, it’s a natural way to help your teen look their best. Find it at select retailers and on amazon.comARV: $14.99 each

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Minecraft: Gather, Cook, Eat! Official Cookbook – Your favorite Minecraft-loving teen will have a blast cooking up some of the game’s most iconic foods in this fun cookbook full of Minecraft-inspired recipes. From Nether Portal Rolls to Suspicious Stew to Blocks of Clay Fudge, there’s no shortage of mouthwatering meals to try. And the included difficulty levels make this a great way to introduce new cooks to the kitchen and start building their skills. Find it at select stores across North America or online at minecraft.netARV: $27.99


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WaterH Smart Water Bottle – It’s not always easy for a busy woman to remember to drink enough water throughout the day. That’s where this innovative smart bottle comes it. It charges wirelessly on a smart base, and then tracks the water you drink throughout the day with help from the WaterH app! Tracking your water intake has never been easier. Get it online at waterh.comARV: $84.00

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Attitude Oceanly Makeup Trio – Give the gift of clean and sustainable beauty with this adorable makeup trio from Attitude. Featuring highlighter, blush, and lip gloss in recyclable cardboard tubes, it’s the perfect set to add a little holiday sparkle to your look. And, like all Attitude products, the makeup is cruelty-free, vegan, and made with natural ingredients. Available in Happy Berry or Silky Pink shades, this adorable and portable set is sure to become a makeup fave! Get it online at attitudeliving.comARV: $59.99

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CaseCo Sunset Boulevard Leather Wallet Case – There are times that a woman just doesn’t want to lug around a bulky purse. And thanks to this stylish wallet case, there’s no need to! With room for your phone, eight cards, and cash, it’s the ultimate stylish wristlet that lets women carry their essentials and leave the clutter behind. Available for both iPhone and Android devices, it’s a must-have for a night on the town! Use coupon code KATHRYN10 to save 10% when you shop online at casecoinc.comARV: $83.99


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ZVOX AV120 Soundbar Speaker – Is Dad getting a little hard of hearing lately? The ZVOX AV120 Soundbar is the perfect compact and powerful surround sound speaker to enhance his TV-watching experience. Not only does its small size make it great for virtually any room in the house, it boasts patented hearing technology that helps enhance dialogue so you can hear every word of those favorite shows clearly, no maximum volume required! With two levels of voice boost and Bluetooth for streaming music, it’s an all-in-one powerhouse in a compact and affordable package. Get it online at amazon.caARV: $119.99

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Buff Microfiber Cloths – Microfiber cloths are handy for all kinds of things, but they’re especially great for keeping a ride looking its best! If the guy in your life likes to keep his car showroom-ready, these handy microfiber cloths are perfect for washing, polishing, and interior cleaning to ensure his ride is always sparkling inside and out. Washable, reusable, and durable, they’re a must in any garage! Get them online at microfiberwholesale.comARV: $16.98

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The Philosophy of Modern Song by Bob Dylan – Music fans will be fascinated at the chance to see some of the world’s most popular music through the eyes of one of the world’s greatest songwriters. Bob Dylan’s first book since Chronicals: Volume One contains over sixty essays breaking down his thoughts on music by everyone from Frank Sinatra to Johnny Cash to The Who. Paired with authentic photographs and music poster that enhance the reading experience, it’s a must-have gift for anyone that appreciates the art of good music. Get it at select stores across North America or online at amazon.caARV: $55.00

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Helight Sleep Device – Help Dad get some zzzz’s with this innovative red light sleeping device designed to improve sleep quality by mimicking the setting sun. With the simple push of a button, the red light helps improve melatonin production and prepare the body for sleep. After 14 minutes, the light gradually fades until the device turns off automatically. Red light has been shown to help people sleep faster and improve sleep quality, as well as canceling out the negative effects of the blue light we are exposed to each day. Get it online at ca.helight.comARV: $149.00

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Thomas Slim Hip Flask – These gorgeous customizable flasks are the perfect gift for a special man in your life. Made of sleek stainless steel, each flask can be customized either with initials or a military sigil. For an extra charge, a personalized message can be added to the back of the flask, as well. These beautiful and useful flasks are a great way to let your loved one know how much you care. Get them online at $114.00

Stocking Stuffers

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Funko Disney Princess BittyPop! Figurines – The little princess in your life will love collecting and playing with these adorable mini Disney characters from Funko. With four figurines in each box, including a mystery figurine, there are tons of different princesses to collect, and tons of imaginative fun to enjoy! Get them at select stores across North America or online at funko.comARV: $15.00

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TekFun Nanodoodle Doodle Board – This adorable, portable version of TekFun’s larger LED drawing tablets features fun animal designs and a sturdy silicone clip that can attach to virtually anything, letting kids get creative whenever they want. Lightweight enough to carry along easily, but sturdy enough to handle a kid’s occasional rough treatment, it’s a great way to keep kids busy on those holiday road trips. Get it online at amazon.comARV: $19.99