Holiday Gift Guide 2018

holiday gift guide 2018

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jilisa bows

Jilisa Bows Subscription Box – There’s nothing more fun than dressing up your baby girl, and the subscription bow service from Jilisa lets you get fun new accessories for your special princess every month! Each subscription box features three soft nylon headband bows in a variety of fun colours and fabrics. The boxes are also available in larger sizes for fashion-loving little girls, and are handmade in the USA. Order your box online at www.jilisa.comARV: $15.99

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Sparkles Starlight Bear – Every year, the Starlight Foundation and Toys’R’Us partner to create a special bear that honours a very special child and supports the Starlight Foundation. This year, Sparkles was created in honour of Emma, a little girl diagnosed with Transposition of the Great Arteries and developed Pulmonary Hypertension at just six months old. Through her medical issues, Emma has always had a smile on her face, and Sparkles shows that same cheeriness. Sparkles has gold paws and accents since Emma loves gold, and as a “heart kid,” she wanted Sparkles’ heart shining bright for all to see. Proceeds from the sale of Sparkles help the Starlight Foundation brighten the lives of children like Emma. Find him at toysrus.caARV: $19.99

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Moonjax Silicone Baby Teether – This revolutionary new teether is a hit with parents and babies alike. The easy-to-hold design means even the littlest teethers can gnaw away without dropping it. Being double-sided helps babies easily get the teether into their mouth. And because it’s made of medical-grade silicone, it’s easy to clean in the dishwasher and doesn’t have any openings or corners to harbour dirt and bacteria. Free of dyes, chemicals, BPA and pthalates, it’s the safest teether you’ll ever find for your bundle of joy. Find it on Amazon, and learn more at moonjax.comARV: $14.99


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Boom, Bang, Gold Game – Gold’s been discovered in the sleepy village of Old Town, and every player wants their share in this fun and fast-paced game for kids aged 7 and up! What makes this game unique is that there are no turns; everyone plays at the same time as they blast, search for gold and secure their find from other players. Watch out for bats, rats and even ghosts as you’re searching! This high-energy board game takes just twenty minutes to play, so get ready for a few rounds of fun with your kids on Christmas morning! Find it at stores across North America; learn more at habausa.comARV: $29.99

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Antsy Pants Fire Truck Kit – For the ultimate in creative play, Antsy Pants building kits let children create fun-filled imaginary worlds featuring their favourite buildings and vehicles. Future firefighters will love cruising off to save the day in this easy-to-build fire truck featuring colour-coded connectors and a fabric fire truck cover. Watch your little ones spend hours creating their own adventures with Antsy Pants, then check out the full collection of building and vehicles, from lemonade stands to cicus tents to school buses! Find the kits at toy stores across Canada; learn more at – ARV: $69.95

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Massive Monster Mayhem Dress-Up Set – Fans of the popular Massive Monster Mayhem game show can finally join the monster world with these fun inflatable dress-up sets! Featuring a monster headpiece and bashing gloves, they’ll provide hours of make-believe fun as kids pretend to be their favourite Massive Monster Mayhem characters. Find the sets exclusively at Target stores in the USA and Toys’R’Us stores in Canada – ARV: $17.99

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Sunny Bunnies Toys – Your preschooler’s favourite bunny friends are making their way off the television and into your house with the adorable new line of Sunny Bunnies toys from Funrise! Light up and Bounce characters glow when bounced on the ground, while the Bunny Blabbers talk when the bunny’s belly is pressed. My personal favourite? The Bunny Blast Playset that lets kids launch their bunny friends as far as possible from the cannon! Available at select stores across North America; learn more at sunnybunnies.funrise.comARV: $9.95-$24.95

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mibro robot

Really Rad Robots MiBro – What kid hasn’t dreamed of their very own robot servant? Now, Really Rad Robots is bringing that dream to life with the adorably helpful MiBro! Kids can use the robot’s remote control and serving tray to bring a snack from the kitchen. MiBro can also play a sports game with the included goal and ball. There’s even the option to spy on friends with the stealth mode microphone! MiBro is available now at stores across North America; learn more at $44.95

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Spy Code: Hackathon Game – The Spy Code family of games feature fun challenges and brain teasers that let kids crack different codes to win. The latest game, Hackathon, has players on a mission to retrieve a spy’s stolen identity from the super-advanced console. Working together as a team is key in this game, as you talk through the clues to hack the console and win! Spy Code: Hackathon is available at stores across North America; learn more at – ARV: $29.99

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Tonka Power Movers – For generations, Tonka trucks have been one of the most popular toys of all time. And the newly reimagined Tonka Power Movers make it easy to see why! These construction vehicles feature lights and sound effects that let little ones use their imaginations to their fullest, from beeping backup noises when a vehicle is rolled backwards to hydraulic sounds and flashing lights when parts like the dump truck bed are moved. Find them at stores across North America; learn more at tonka.funrise.comARV: $19.99


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Settlers of Catan Board Game – A cult classic that’s won a following of fans across the world, there’s no better time than the holidays to introduce your teen to Settlers of Catan! This strategy game has players settling the remote island of Catan. No two games are ever the same, and with gameplay taking just an hour or so, it’s a great alternative to more lengthy strategy games that still offers nonstop fun. Find it at stores across North American, and learn more at www.catan.comARV: $49.99

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Glider Gloves – For the teen that loves spending time outdoors, but also wants to stay connected, a pair of Glider Gloves are a must. These gloves are the top-rated touchscreen gloves in the world and the Winter style is perfect for spending longer periods of time outdoors. Unlike some similar gloves, the entire hand of the glove features conductive yarn to give you a responsive experience that’s the next best thing to your bare hands. With thermal insulation and added grip on the palms, these gloves make staying connected in cold weather no problem at all. Shop online at Amazon or at $29.99

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pacemaker extreme-game

PaceMaker Extreme Game – For fast-paced fun that will have your mind racing, look no further! PaceMaker Extreme has players setting the pace as they tap the paddles to send the pulse around the board in different directions. Tap once to pulse clockwise, twice to reverse direction and three times to skip the person beside you. But hit the paddle when it’s not your turn, and you’ll be getting a shock! Find PaceMaker Extreme at stores across North America; learn more at www.yulutoys.comARV: $24.99


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Adagio Teas Advent Calendar – Surprise your favourite tea lover early this year with the Adagio Teas Advent Calendar! Featuring 24 different and delectable teas, it’s a great way to test out a variety of different flavours of black, green and herbal tea to find some new favourites. Even getting this box on Christmas Day itself is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone that appreciates that perfectly steeped cup. Order yours online at www.adagio.comARV: $29.00

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Doodled Cats and Doodled Dogs Drawing Books – Whether that special woman in your life is a confirmed cat lady or has a passion for pooches, she’ll love these fun and colourful books that let beginner artists practice animal doodles with fun step-by-step activities, animal facts and creative prompts. The pocket-sized books are perfect for taking on the go, and a great way to relieve stress after a busy day. Find the books in stores across North America or on Amazon; learn more at www.quartoknows.comARV: $19.99

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Sweet Sheets Microfiber Sheet Sets – There’s nothing quite like laying down in a bed made with brand new sheets, so treat your favourite woman to the ultimate night’s sleep this holiday season with colourful microfiber sheets from Sweet Sheets! The prices are reasonable, the sheets are incredibly soft and there’s a dessert-named colour to match every decor. Find a consultant near you or order online at sweetsheetsinc.comARV: $39.00-$79.00

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Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-Way Coffee Maker – If there’s one thing any mom can appreciate, it’s a perfectly brewed cup of her favourite coffee or tea. And if the woman in your life also loves to entertain, she’ll adore the versaility of the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew! For a single beverage, brew a cup of coffee or tea with a Keurig pod or the included brew basket. When company comes calling, make a whole pot with the 12-cup brewer. It’s the best of both worlds in one sleek, space-saving applianace! Available in stores across North America; learn more at hamiltonbeach.caARV: $119.99


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Boulder Jeans – For the active man in your life, Boulder Jeans will revolutionize his comfort level when he’s on the move. These jeans feature the most advanced stretch denim ever made, complete with reinforced stitching, a water-resistant design and a lifetime warranty. Choose from either a slim fit or a slightly roomier athletic fit for a slightly looser leg. No matter how much your man moves, he’ll be doing it in comfort with Boulder Denim! Find the jeans at stores across North America or online at boulderdenim.comARV: $109.00

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Armor All Car Care Gift Pack – For the man that loves taking care of his ride, this gift pack will help him hit the road in style! Containing ten must-have car care products ranging from cleaners and wax to sponges and cloths, it’s got everything a man needs to ensure his car or truck looks its best. Find the gift pack at Canadian Tire and other select stores across North America now; learn more at armorall.caARV: $26.99

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Selk’bag Wearable Sleeping Bag – Whether the man in your life is an avid camper or a hunter, he’ll love the added comfort and convenience of the newly redesigned Selk’bag! This unique sleeping bag features arms, legs and a hood so that it can be worn like clothing in addition to being used for sleeping. The front and side pockets and removable foot covers add extra convenience, while the assorted colours and designs will let every outdoor fan find a favourite style. Learn more and order yours at selkbagusa.comARV: $169.99

Stocking Stuffers

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Zincuta Ointment – This multi-purpose skin ointment is perfect for everything from diaper rashes and bug bites to scrapes and bruises. The ointment is made with all-natural ingredients and provides instant soothing relief as soon as it’s applied. The little can is a perfect stocking stuffer for a new baby or anyone you know with sensitive skin! Buy it online at zincuta.comARV: $12.50

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Stikbot Monsters – If your kids are fans of Stikbots, the loveable stick figures that can be used with the Stikbot Studio app to create stop-motion masterpieces, make sure to pick up a few Stikbot Monsters for stockings! Kids will love collecting all eight spooky monsters and using them to create their own amazing videos. Find them at stores across North America; learn more at stikbot.toysARV: $5.95

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Armor All Essential Blends Vent Clips – These handy vent clips are a perfect stocking stuffer for busy parents that are always behind the wheel. Calm yourself in heavy traffic with the Vanilla Lavender variety, or focus your mind before work with Lemon Bergamot. Available in five aromatherapy-inspired scents designed to stimulate your senses, there’s one for every mood! Find them in select stores across North America; learn more at essentialblends.caARV: $4.99