McDonald’s Happy Meals Encourage Reading with Fun New Books-Giveaway

Almost every child gets excited about a McDonald’s Canada Happy Meal, and between now and November 14, 2013, you can get excited about Happy Meals too, because each one now comes with one of four charming children’s books! As a huge literacy advocate, I was so excited about this new program and my boys, both of whom love reading, were just as delighted.

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I received all four of the books to review along with a few McDonald’s goodies. I liked the fact that the books had positive messages about eating healthy or exploring the world, while still being lots of fun. Doddi the Dodo Goes to Orlando was my personal favourite. The story of a Dodo that gets lost on the yearly migration to Orlando and ends up touring the world was fun, fresh and had a clever ending. Plus it helped get my boys asking questions about other countries!

And while the books are only available in Happy Meals until November 14, McDonald’s is keeping the learning going after that too! Every month, a new digital book will be available through the McPlay app or by visiting What a fun way to encourage kids to read more!

To celebrate this exciting new program, McDonald’s Canada has a very special giveaway just for you. One lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader will win a prize pack containing all four of the McDonald’s Happy Meal books, a cute McDonald’s lunch bag, an iPhone stand and McDonald’s free product coupons, a $50 value! To enter to win, just check out the downloadable ebooks on the site and leave a blog comment about which one would be your child’s favourite.

mcdonald's canada book prize pack

I love that McDonald’s is adding the magic of reading to its Happy Meals and I can’t wait to check out the digital books that will be released in the coming months. Why not treat your child to a Happy Meal this weekend and get one of these cute books to enjoy? With tasty food, a little playtime and a book to enjoy together afterwards, it’s a great way to bond with your child and encourage a lifelong love of reading!
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  1. World’s Greatest Cities

  2. Haylie Langwald says:

    Deana’s big dreams would be the boy’s favourite!

  3. Deana’s Big Dreams

  4. Wayne Lecoy says:

    I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win the McDonald’s Happy Meal Reading Prize Pack.
    In response to your requirement to Check out the selection of eBooks on
    and leave a blog comment about which one would be my child’s favourite.
    I think they would like the book The Goat Who Ate Everything.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

  5. My son would love Deana’s Big Dream as he loves dinosaurs!

  6. seham merzib says:

    Dodi the Dodo

  7. My daughter would love the wonders of nature!

  8. susanne mccarthy says:

    Ant Cant

  9. annie carson says:

    We already have Deanas big dreams, and she loves it! I think she would also like Dodi the Dodo :)

  10. My kids would probably like The Goat Who Ate Everything

  11. I think Oliver would like “The Goat who Ate Everything”.

  12. Rhonda Runtz says:

    My kids already love the goat that ate everything, but I think they would love doddi the dodo goes to orlando

  13. Debbie Bramer says:

    reading is an important thing for all kids, have a fun dinner also, bonus!

  14. ivy pluchinsky says:

    Deana’s Big Dreams

  15. Monique L. S. says:

    I think my daughter’s favourite would be “The Goat who Ate Everything”

  16. We have two of them now, and my sons favorite is The Goat Who Ate Everything, its so cute!

  17. Dodi the Dodo

  18. Lillian Brown says:

    “The Goat who Ate Everything”

  19. I’d love this please! Thanks mcdonalds

  20. The goat who ate everything! would probably be my boy’s fav

  21. victoriag1 says:

    The Goat Who Ate Everything looks good.

  22. Amanda Neilson says:

    The Goat who Ate Everything

  23. I think my kids would like Ant Can’t.

  24. Kristina Ziegler says:

    The goat who ate everything!

  25. Melanie B says:

    My daughter would love Wonders of Nature

  26. The goat who ate everyone, my son would love it.

  27. The Goat who ate everything

  28. Even though not available yet I think Miss R would love WONDERS OF NATURE.

  29. My kids would like Doddie the Dodo.

  30. Doddi the Dodo Goes to Orlando

  31. Sabrina T says:

    My daughter would love ‘Deana’s Big Dreams’

  32. Jennifer A. says:

    My little ones would love The Goat Who Ate Everything.

  33. Emily Linton says:

    The Goat Who Ate Everything

  34. Kelly Kavanaugh-Egan says:

    my son loves the little goat book my niece got from her happy meal!

  35. The Goat Who Ate Everything!

  36. Dayna Wilson says:

    The Goat Who Ate Everything, without a doubt.

  37. I think they would love the goat who ate everything

  38. I think my son would like the Goat who ate everything.

  39. Shannon Gnocato says:

    I’m sure my daughter would love “The Goat Who Ate Everything.” We have read together as a family since she was born which has given her an extreme love for reading and books.

  40. The Goat Who Ate Everything would probably be a favorite!

  41. Nena Sinclair says:

    My grandchildren would love Doddie The Dodo goes to Orlondo!

  42. danielle t says:

    My daughter would like the wonders of nature. she loves books about animals.

  43. Wonders of Nature would be a fave here.

  44. My son would like Doddi the Dodo Goes To Orlando the most.

  45. Worlds greatest cities :)

  46. Wonders of nature

  47. Darlene Schuller says:

    Wonders of Nature would be Kira’s favourite!

  48. Erin Brayshaw says:

    The goat who ate everything!

  49. Carol Denny says:

    The Goat who Ate Everything

  50. nicolthepickle says:

    The WOnders of Nature book looks great.

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