Flexi-8 Flexible Beaded Barrette Review

I have had long hair since I was old enough to choose my own hairstyle, but I have never been very good at creating anything more than a ponytail or a simple messy bun with my hair.

I absolutely adore hair accessories, but often I find that the ones I buy don’t work well with my hair type and I usually end up throwing them out or giving them away. I was thrilled when I found some cute little elastic headbands that I thought would make wearing my hair down a breeze, but I quickly discovered that my fine but plentiful hair was completely unsuited to the thin headbands.

Flexi-8 with pink beadsNo matter how hard I searched, it seemed that there was no single hair accessory that would work for any hairstyle and any hair type.

So when I heard that the Flexi-8 was designed to be the perfect hair accessory for every woman, I couldn’t wait to test it out for myself.

The Flexi-8 is a unique beaded barrette that consists of a flexible figure 8 section and an attached metal pin. The figure 8 portion of the barrette folds around the hair while the pin slips underneath the hairstyle and then slides through the end of the barrette to secure the hair.

I received five different sizes of Flexi-8 to review. While the basic design of the Flexi-8 works well with every conceivable hair type, the accessory itself is not a one-size-fits-all product. The barrettes come in six different sizes to suit different hair types and create different hairstyles.

Initially, I decided to experiment on my own to see what sizes of the Flexi-8 worked well for me. I used the extra small Flexi-8 to do a half ponytail, and was incredibly impressed by the Flexi-8’s strength and great holding power.

I decided that I could easily pull off an updo, so I twisted my hair up and secured it with the medium Flexi-8. After about an hour, I felt my hairstyle beginning to wilt, so I quickly fixed my hair and decided to watch the convenient sizing video on the Flexi-8 website.

Honestly, I didn’t really expect to discover much, but the two-minute video in unbelievably useful, did a great job of explaining the different hair types and styles, and really let me know which type of Flexi-8 would work best for me.

I learned that because my hair type had a tendency to be slippery, I needed to move down one size to the small to create a secure updo.

I tested the information by putting my hair up once again with a small Flexi-8. Sure enough, my hair stayed perfectly in place with the slightly smaller size! In order to create the four most featured hairstyles, I use three different sizes of Flexi-8, the extra small, small and medium.

flexi-8 in useFlexi-8 hair accessories are available in a huge assortment of gorgeous styles ranging from solid silver-colored barrettes to antiqued designs with colored beadwork to clips with adorable charms in the center and sparkling dangles.

Every woman, from the fashion minimalist to the dedicated diva, is sure to find a beautiful style of Flexi-8 that she absolutely loves!

As for me, I adore my Flexi-8 hair clips! They are so easy to use that I wear them almost every day, and I love the versatility I have when I style my hair. I have been able to add some great new looks to my repertoire, and the barrettes themselves are so attractive that even my standard ponytail is a little classier!

To create a range of great hairstyles quickly and easily, check out the Flexi-8 for yourself. This unique strong and bendable metal barrette will soon become your new favorite accessory!

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