Dremel Multi-Max 3300 Universal Adapter

My husband loves working with his hands, and most of the gifts he has under the tree this year are new tools, kits and accessories that he has been lusting after. His Dremel 8200 rotary tool is unquestionably one of his go-to tools when he’s doing work around the house, but there are times when he needed the side-to-side motion of an oscillating tool for whatever task he is undertaking. There are many brands of oscillating tools available, but when Dremel introduced its Multi-Max oscillating tool, my husband and I both knew that the quality of both the tool and the accessories would be phenomenal.

Dremel Multi-Max Universal AdapterMy husband doesn’t have a Dremel Multi-Max…yet…but that doesn’t mean he is willing to use other brands of accessories if there is some way he can use Dremel attachments. And thanks to the new Dremel Multi-Max MM300 Universal Adapter, anyone can now use genuine Dremel attachments on their Fein, Rockwell, Bosch or other brand of oscillating tool!

The adapter is a handy little gadget that retails for about five dollars. It has approximately the same size and double the thickness of a loonie with a hole in the center to fit around the clamping screw of the oscillating tool. Using the adapter is incredibly easy; you simply remove the clamping screw, set the universal adapter on the accessory interface with the small pins facing up, add your desired Dremel Multi-Max attachment (making sure to line it up with the pins on the adapter) and then replace the clamping screw.

Just like that, your oscillating tool is ready for sanding, sawing, scraping or removing grout. My husband is thrilled that he can still use the high-quality Dremel attachments even though he doesn’t have a Dremel Multi-Max oscillating tool, and loves the versatility and effectiveness of the Multi-Max attachments. If you have a tool-lover that doesn’t yet have a Dremel Multi-Max, the new Multi-Max Universal Adapter is the best little purchase you can make to ensure that they can still use the fabulous Dremel accessories. It’s a great stocking-stuffer for the handyman in your household, so why not pick one up for your favorite Dremel fan today?

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