BRITAX B-SCENE Stroller Review

My hometown is small enough that I can walk almost anywhere that I need to go. The bank and grocery store are a mere two blocks away and the school is just a five-minute walk from our front door. So, for the most part, I walk absolutely everywhere. In the winter, I pull one or both of my boys in a sled behind me. In the summer, I push Benjamin in a stroller while Zackary either rides his bike or walks with me. With all the miles we put on, having a sturdy and high-quality stroller is a very high priority for me. So when I got the chance to review the new B-SCENE stroller from BRITAX, the absolute best company for safe and versatile child transport solutions, I was ecstatic.

britax b-scene stroller in redWhen the stroller arrived, I was incredibly tempted to pull it out immediately, but I decided to wait until my husband returned home before opening the box since he has much more experience with assembling items than I do. Curtis is able to look at the different pieces of an item and quickly understand where and how they fit together. I definitely don’t have that gift, but after looking at the simple and detailed instructions that came with the stroller and the ultra-convenient click-and-lock assembly, I think that even I could have managed to assemble the stroller on my own if I had needed to!

When the stroller was assembled it looked incredibly sleek and stylish and I couldn’t wait to test it out. Unfortunately, the weather decided not to cooperate with my desire, so I endured a full week of agony as I waited for the minus 40 weather to end and the snow to begin melting. Finally, I decided that I had waited long enough and I bundled Benjamin into the stroller to head outside.

The B-SCENE was my first experience with a three-wheeled stroller and it took me a few minutes to get a feel for the way the stroller manoeuvred. Once I had, however, I was blown away by how easy the stroller was to push and how smoothly I could steer it down the road.

One of the things that really sets BRITAX apart from the competition is the company’s incredible focus on safety and the B-SCENE is a perfect example of that. I really loved the no re-thread, adjustable five-point harness system; it provided so much more security for my son than the simple waist restraint our old stroller had featured. The all-wheel suspension system and padded headrest provided increased safety and exceptional comfort for my baby as well.

But the BRITAX B-SCENE’s features aren’t just designed for safety, they are also designed for unparalleled convenience. For example, the stroller came with the sensational CLICK & GO infant car seat adapter so that select BRITAX infant seats can be used with the stroller. For those that already own another infant car seat, there is even an Infant Car Seat Adapter Frame available as an accessory that will allow the BRITAX B-SCENE to be used with other major brands of infant car seats as well!

The stroller seat is unbelievably versatile; in addition to the option of using it with an infant seat, it can also be used as either a front facing or a rear-facing seat. The bumper bar, which doubles as a carrying handle when the stroller is folded, releases and pivots out of the way with a quick click of a button. And the footrest can be adjusted to multiple positions to ensure that little legs are comfortable.

mommy kat and benji with the britax b-scene

Since walking is my standard mode of transportation, I really appreciated the large storage area beneath the stroller, which easily accommodated three large bags of groceries. The back of the storage bin even featured mesh pockets for smaller items. I loved using the pockets to hold my letters after we picked up the mail.

When I first tried using the B-SCENE on rougher terrain, I had a bit of trouble moving the stroller over the bumpy ruts of frozen slush. Occasionally, because there was only the one wheel in the front of the stroller, I found that the wheel would stick in an especially deep rut. Then I learned that the BRITAX B-SCENE has an additional feature for just such situations. A simple switch in the front of the stroller locks the front wheel in a forward position so that it can’t pivot on an uneven surface. The difference with the wheel locked in the forward position was unbelievable; making my way over the rough ground was no problem at all. When I returned to a smoother surface, I simply flipped the switch once more to regain the superior manoeuvrability of the pivoting wheel.

The generous sunshade with its covered mesh window at the back meant that Benjamin was able to ride in comfort while I was able to easily check up on him. The included rain cover was wonderful; it simply pulled over the sunshade and wrapped around the footrest to completely protect my baby from the elements while still ensuring his safety and comfort with conveniently placed vents on the side of the cover.

The adjustable handle lets everyone from my husband to my stepdaughter to my four-year-old son push the stroller easily and comfortably, and the stroller seat itself reclines to three different positions by pulling up on the release clip on the top back of the stroller seat and reclining it to the desired level.

britax b-scene stroller foldedWith all the amazing features that the B-SCENE has to offer, it may seem strange that one of my favourite characteristics is the brake, but the stroller’s braking system is just so clever that I have completely fallen in love with it. I simply step on a small foot pedal near the stroller’s right back wheel and the spring-loaded switch locks and unlocks the stroller’s back wheels. A handy coloured indicator above the brake displays either red or green to let me know at a glance whether the brake is engaged or not. When our walk is done, I simply lock the brakes and pull up on two black rings on either side of the handle to fold the stroller for storage.

Overall, I found the BRITAX B-SCENE stroller to be the perfect go-anywhere, do-anything stroller for my busy life. It is durable enough for rough terrain, manoeuvrable enough for smooth pavement and versatile enough for children from birth (with an infant seat) up to 55 lbs. Benjamin and I both enjoy the many comfort features of the B-SCENE and I have had so many comments on the stylish look of the stroller itself. If you are looking for a stroller that offers the very ultimate experience in comfort, versatility and safety, the B-SCENE is definitely the stroller for you!

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