Custom Sticker Sheets Review

Who doesn’t love stickers? My two sons both think that there’s nothing better than a new sheet of stickers ready to be applied to random items around the house. And I often find that I’m inclined to agree.

There’s something about that peel-and-stick action that’s just fantastic. And now, thanks to an incredible new Toronto-based company, stickers have become even better. is a company that lets users create their own custom sheets of stickers. I recently got the chance to create my own sheet of stickers to review and I couldn’t wait to see how the process worked. custom sticker sheetThe sheets are a standard 8 ½ by 11-inch size and start out completely blank. I sat down to start filling my sheet with stickers. The site has some incredible illustrations and designs to use, which can be added to a page as-is or edited by adding text or altering colours.

I chose some trendy tattoo-style stickers that I thought my stepdaughter would like and I loved how I could add her name to some of the various designs. I also chose a few boyish stickers for my sons including an adorable puppy holding a newspaper bearing Zackary’s name.

Finally, to fill out the sheet, I chose a few stickers that I especially liked and uploaded a few of my favourite family photos to turn into stickers as well. Then I placed my order and waited.

The stickers arrived quite quickly; in just over a week I had the package. The sheet looked unbelievable and when I peeled off one of the stickers I was delighted to see that they were high-quality vinyl stickers, not coated paper!

This means that the stickers are durable enough for almost any use. My stepdaughter put one of her stickers on the back of her cell phone and my son used his puppy sticker on the back of his Leapster Explorer system. Both stickers adhered perfectly to the items and still look like new despite the repeated handling that these items get.

I was blown away by the beauty and high quality of the stickers from At $9 a sheet, they are definitely pricier than a package of store-bought stickers, but they are also larger, brighter and far more durable, not to mention being completely customizable!

If you want to keep up-to-date on the latest news from, make sure to check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter. I’ll definitely be getting stickers from in the future; the stickers are great for adding a personal touch to everything from laptops to bicycles.

For stickers that suit you perfectly, check out for yourself!

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