Lingerie-Review and Giveaway

Pretty underwear is such an exclusively feminine thing.

Only a woman really understands the pleasure of having a fancy set of matched undergarments and even though the items aren’t visible to others, having a great bra and panties can give a woman an extra touch of confidence throughout the day. bra and panty setI have a fairly large chest and because of that, finding a bra and panties that both match and fit well can be incredibly challenging.

But recently, I got the chance to review some of the beautiful lingerie from, and since this great online store understands that not every woman has a chest that stops growing at a C cup, I couldn’t wait.

I wear a 38DD bra and while my choices at were a little limited, I still had tons of great bras to choose from.

I received a beautiful red lace bra and panty set to review and the fact that I had a sweet bra and panty set that actually fit filled me with delight. I knew I had to try it on right away.

The undergarments looked fantastic and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of support that the bra provided.

I often find that prettier bras seem less supportive and with my chest size I really need a full support bra. The bra offered proper lift and coverage despite its lacy material and I fell in love with it at once.

The pretty matching panties provided the perfect finishing touch to my undergarments and I felt more feminine as soon as I put them on.

I was very happy to learn that even though the material of the bra and panties looks quite flimsy, the fabric can stand up to repeated washings and come out looking great without stretching or losing colour. carries styles and sizes for every woman and every taste. The site even has an innovative Panty of the Month club that lets buyers purchase a special set of underwear for every month of the year.

The panties are themed to fit the different months and come with perfume, chocolates and a personalized card.

Matching bras and garter belts are available for an additional charge, and shipping is free to anywhere in Canada or the United States!

I love my bra and panty set and I’m so happy to have found a place that doesn’t limit my options just because of my chest size.

If you are looking for a pretty new set of underwear or a beautiful nightgown, is the store for you. You’ll love the selection and the quality of these wonderful undergarments!

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