IronKids Gummy Vitamins Review

Almost everyone knows the basics of good nutrition, and like every mother, I really try to ensure that my kids are eating a healthy balanced diet. But making sure that they’re getting the vitamins and minerals they need isn’t always easy. Whether I’m dealing with Benjamin’s lack of vitamin D (since he still nurses he doesn’t always get as much as he should) or a temporary disdain for milk from Zackary, there is always some nutrient that my kids should have increased a bit.

ironkids vitamin d gummiesAnd thanks to IronKids, giving my children an extra vitamin boost is a breeze. This great Canadian company creates delicious gummy vitamins made with all-natural flavours and colours. I had tried the company’s multivitamins in the past and they quickly became our regular brand, so I was delighted when I was given a chance to review three other varieties of IronKids vitamins: Vitamin D, Calcium and Omega-3.

When the vitamins arrived in an adorable gift pack, my husband and stepdaughter were almost as excited as Zackary. They eagerly pulled out the bottles and my husband opened the containers and offered a vitamin to each person to test out. Zackary, of course, loved all of them thanks to the sweet flavours and fun gummy texture.

My husband was similarly impressed, but my stepdaughter didn’t care for the Omega-3 vitamins quite as much as she did the other two gummies. Personally, I found all three varieties fantastic and I was especially impressed with the Calcium gummies. I have had chewable calcium supplements in the past that promised a great texture and ended up just tasting grainy, but the IronKids Calcium gummies had a fun and chewy texture that my kids and I both loved!

I really liked the way that the different vitamins let me control my children’s total vitamin intake. For example, I believe that the best source of Vitamin D is the sun and since my boys love playing outside, I don’t give them Vitamin D on any sunny day when they have their normal amount of outside playtime. When the weather is cloudy, however, or when activities keep us inside all day, they always get a tasty, sun-shaped IronKids Vitamin D gummy!

While the flavour and texture of the IronKids Calcium gummies really blew me away, I think I appreciated the Omega-3 gummies most of all. Living in Central Canada means that fish and seafood aren’t nearly as cheap or accessible as they are in other parts of the country. While there are other sources of Omega-3, you can only add so much flax to your diet. The Omega-3 gummies gave me an easy and delicious way to make sure that my boys were getting their daily dose of Omega-3 whether or not we happened to indulge in fish that night.

ironkids prize packIronKids has won awards and acclaim for its products since it first introduced this great line of gummies and now, parents can get in on the fun too with Adult Essentials, the brand new line of adult gummy vitamins from the makers of IronKids! After tasting my son’s vitamins, I will definitely be checking out the Multivitamin and Calcium gummies from Adult Essentials, which hit store shelves just a month ago!

I was just as impressed with the taste, texture and nutritional value of IronKids Calcium gummies, Vitamin D gummies and Omega-3 gummies as I was by the IronKids multivitamins that I first tried months ago. Like the multivitamins, I’m sure the other IronKids vitamins are going to become staples in our household. If you want high-quality natural vitamins that your kids will be excited to take, check out IronKids today. You’re sure to love seeing your kids so happy about being healthy!

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