Kidzikoo Insulating Bottle and Sippy Cup Sleeve Review

With the heat of summer at its peak, keeping my kids hydrated is a huge priority. Zackary doesn’t pose much of a challenge since he is old enough to get himself a glass of water or juice if he wants one. But Benjamin still uses a sippy cup most of the time and often his drink will remain in the cup for several hours before he manages to finish it. Because of the high temperature, I often find that he loses interest in his drink quite quickly since it gets warm before he has a chance to drink it.

kidzikoo drew print insulating sleevesAdults, of course, have a solution for problems like this. The invention of the “koozie” let parents enjoy a refreshing beverage in the hot summer sun by insulating the bottle or can and protecting hands from icy drinks as well. And now, an innovative momtrepreneur is giving kids the same luxury. The Kidzikoo is a fun new insulating sleeve especially designed to fit on almost all baby bottles and sippy cups. I was thrilled when I got the chance to review one for myself.

I chose the Kidzikoo in the Drew Print to review and when it arrived, Benjamin was immediately fascinated by the silly red, blue and orange sea monsters on the bright yellow-green sleeve. We decided to put the sleeve on one of his larger sippy cups since I generally use those for water and save smaller ones for milk or juice.

The sippy cup had a wide bottom with a narrower middle section and I wondered at first if I would be able to stretch the Kidzikoo over the cup. But thankfully, the design of the sleeve means that it can be stretched to fit over almost any sippy cup between 8 and 12 ounces and the cup I had chosen was no exception. With a few minutes of adjusting, the sleeve was on the cup and Benjamin was delighted with the new look of his sippy cup!

kidzikoo on sippy cupI noticed that he dropped the cup far less when the Kidzikoo was on it; the sleeve really helped him grip the cup with greater ease. I also noticed that his drinks stayed colder much longer than they had without the sleeve. Two hours after putting ice water in his cup, the water was still nice and cold. And as an added bonus, the Kidzikoo soaks up condensation and eliminates water rings on furniture!

The one thing I did realize after receiving the Kidzikoo was that it couldn’t really be put on sippy cups that have handles since the handles interfere with the positioning of the sleeve. But Benjamin has plenty of bottles and sippy cups that don’t have handles and he always enjoys having his Kidzikoo on them. In fact, he used it so much in the first couple of weeks that it got absolutely filthy, so I was relieved to learn that it was machine washable! I added it to a load of colours and then let it air dry on the counter and it was soon as good as new.

The entire family loves Benjamin’s Kidzikoo. It makes finding his cup incredibly easy when we’re out of the house, it protects his hands from the cold and our furniture from moisture and, best of all, it keeps his drinks at an appropriate temperature for a longer time! Whether you have a baby drinking warm formula or a preschooler drinking cold juice, a Kidzikoo is a great way to make sure that they get the maximum enjoyment from their drink. Check out these clever insulating sleeves for yourself today!

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