The Letter Songs A-Z iTunes Album Review

Benjamin is at the age now where he’s really starting to show an interest in language and letters and I want to encourage that interest as much as possible. Music can be a fantastic teaching tool and when I learned about an innovative new children’s iTunes album from Early Learning Academy called The Letter Songs A-Z, I knew I wanted to check it out for myself. This album features a full-length song for every letter of the alphabet and it sounded like an intriguing way of introducing letters to youngsters. The Letter Songs A-Z coverI played the CD for Benjamin one weekend afternoon and he immediately started dancing to the music. I loved the fact that the songs were all in different styles so that listening to the entire album didn’t get boring. From swing tunes to rock music to reggae, there was great variety in the music!

Every song contained multiple verses and an easy-to-remember chorus so that children could have fun listening to the different verses for the featured letter and then singing along at the chorus. Halfway through The Letter B, Zackary and I were both singing with the chorus while Benjamin danced!

Not only did the songs contain lots of words starting with the featured letter, there were also plenty of phonics lessons incorporated into the music. For example, The Letter X featured verses about the different sounds X makes depending on whether it’s at the beginning of a word or in the middle. The songs were such a fun way to start children thinking about the sounds letters make and how they combine to make words!

Benjamin really enjoyed the CD and even shouted out some of the letters along with me during the choruses of the songs. We’ll be putting The Letter Songs A-Z on regularly from now on, I think! But when Benjamin does outgrow it, I’m going to give it to the kindergarten teacher at the local school. I can just imagine how handy this album would be for any preschool or kindergarten class! If you’ve got a child that is ready to learn about the alphabet, this album is a great way to get started. Check it out for yourself and have some fun singing your way through the alphabet with your child!

Buy It: The Letter Songs A-Z is available on iTunes for $0.99 per song or $9.99 for the complete album

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