Betty Lukens Learning Fun with Felt Play Sets Review

betty lukens learning fun with felt days of the dinosaurs setThere are so many fancy high-tech toys available today that sometimes we can forget just how fun and educational the classic toys still are. My boys get the chance to enjoy a lot of new gadgets, but recently I was able to see first-hand how appealing some of the most timeless toys of all time truly are when I reviewed the stunning Learning Fun with Felt play sets from Betty Lukens.

Browsing through these play sets brought back so many memories for me. What child didn’t love placing felt pieces on the surface of a storyboard as a child? I remember that I always thought it was like magic the way the pieces stayed in place like stickers yet could be removed so easily when playtime was done.

Choosing which sets to review wasn’t easy; there are so many beautiful ones! But after great deliberation I finally decided on the Days of the Dinosaurs set for Benjamin and the Rain Forest Adventures set for Zackary. I also received the Play Pals set, a storyboard containing two girl figures and an assortment of dress-up clothing. Zackary’s friend Jossy comes over to play quite often but of course, in our household, there aren’t very many “girl toys” for her to enjoy! I thought it would be nice to have a girl-themed storyboard as well so that all three kids could play with the sets.

betty lukens learning fun with felt rain forest adventures setThe play sets were just as beautiful as they had looked on the website, and I loved the fact that they came with their own handy clear plastic carrying cases. Zackary and Benjamin were both so excited by the bright colours and wanted to take the sets out right away.

They soon discovered just how much fun they could have with the Learning Fun with Felt storyboard sets, and dinosaurs chatted with parrots and monkeys as imagination took over and the boys started creating their own stories. After quickly reminding my sons that the felt pieces had to stay near the storyboards, I left them to their adventures. They played together happily for almost an hour!

The next time Jossy came over to play, I took out all three play sets. As I had expected, Jossy fell in love with the pretty set and had a wonderful time dressing the dolls up in different outfits. And to my surprise, both boys did too! When they saw how much fun Jossy was having, they decided that they had to be a part of it so all three of them enjoyed some dress-up fun with the Play Pals!

The Betty Lukens Learning Fun with Felt sets still look like new after more than a month of regular playtime. The package even claims the pieces are machine washable and while I haven’t had a need to test that claim yet, I have taken a very soggy and wrinkled dinosaur out of my youngest son’s mouth at one point. After flattening it out and letting it dry, it really did look just as good as the other pieces once again!

betty lukens learning fun with felt play pals setBetty Lukens also offers Felt Books, Inspirational Felt Sets and Bible Felt Sets that are perfect for teaching your children all of the classic bible stories. The large Bible Felt Sets are perfect for churches and Sunday School classes too! But for at-home fun, the Learning Fun with Felt sets are definitely the ones I recommend. There are so many sets to choose from and lots of great educational options too!

If you’re looking for a classic play set for your child that will encourage important traits like creativity, imagination and memory, check out the Betty Lukens play sets for yourself. You’ll be amazed by how much enjoyment and learning can be inspired by a bright and colourful Learning Fun with Felt set!

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