Tim Hortons Egg White Breakfast Sandwich-Review and Giveaway

Healthy eating is one of those resolutions that gets sabotaged fairly easily simply because most of us have such busy days! When you have to rush from one place to another, sometimes your options end up being to either eat something unhealthy or just go hungry, and neither of those choices is good for overall health. But Canada’s favourite drive-through coffee shop has a new solution that will fill you up quickly without the guilt!

tim hortons logoTim Hortons’ new Egg White Breakfast Sandwiches are a healthier alternative for people that didn’t have time to eat at home and don’t want to fill up on sugary or greasy fast food. The sandwiches contain a scrumptious egg white omelette with your choice of hickory-smoked ham or bacon on a whole grain English muffin. With 17 grams of protein per sandwich, they’re a breakfast that’s sure to satisfy! Recently I received a Tim Hortons gift card so that I could try the new sandwich for myself.

My husband and I each ordered an Egg White Breakfast Sandwich with bacon and, of course, a legendary double-double coffee. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I bit into the sandwich. To be honest, I don’t generally enjoy the taste of eggs from fast food restaurants. They always seem rubbery and tasteless to me.

That certainly wasn’t the case with the Tim Hortons Egg White Breakfast Sandwich! The egg white omelette is flavoured with cheese and onion and it really had a fresh, natural taste. I’ve had so many bad breakfast sandwiches that I subconsciously expect the texture of rubber when I bite into one. This breakfast sandwich tasted just like something I might have made myself and I was delighted about it. My husband loved the new breakfast option as well, but what really impressed me about the sandwiches was how satisfying they were! One sandwich filled me up completely and gave me the energy I needed to finish our errands that day.

tim hortons egg white breakfast sandwichThe Tim Hortons Egg White Breakfast Sandwich is available right now for a special price of only $1.99 and is a great choice for anyone that wants a less fattening, protein-rich alternative to other breakfast sandwiches. Thanks to the whole grain English muffin, it even has three grams of fibre!

I was so impressed by the great taste of the Tim Hortons Egg White Breakfast Sandwich and I’m glad that when I’m having a busy morning, I won’t have to choose between a greasy breakfast and going hungry. If your busy day makes healthy eating a challenge, check out the new Egg White Breakfast Sandwich for yourself. It’s a great way to get the energy you need without the extra fat!

Buy It: The new Egg White Breakfast Sandwich is available at Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada

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  1. my healthy tip is to grab the smallest plate you can when grabbing your food AND eating slow. I always grab the small plate and I am always the last one done, I generally only have one helping, whereas the males tend to grab the biggest plate to pile mile high and generally gobble theirs down before my tiny ones done. Your stomach is already full, you’re brain just doesn’t know it yet.

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  3. Stay away from sugar as much as possible and eat plenty of fruits and veggies


  4. My fave healthy eating tip is only eat fresh food….not processed. If your grandmother wouldn’t recognize it then don’t eat it….

    1. Very good tip and it reminds me of one of my very favourite sayings: “Try Organic Food! Or as your grandparents called it…Food!” lol Funny because it’s true!

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