Eliminate Odours With New Febreze Car Vent Clips!

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Febreze Car Linen Sky singleMy husband and I often have minor disagreements when we ride in the car. When I’m hot, he’s cold. When I’m in the mood for peace and quiet, he wants to crank up the tunes. When I want to get home, he wants to stop at one more place…. For the most part, we just take turns dealing with a little discomfort. But there is one issue on which we’ve never been able to agree, and that issue is car fresheners.

I don’t like them. I think they stink and they give me a headache. I have come across maybe two that I can tolerate, and even those make me feel woozy on a long car ride. My husband, on the other hand, cannot stand the slightest unpleasant aroma in his vehicles and when he cleans the car or minivan, he never really feels like the job is done until he has hung one of those awful cardboard trees from the rear-view mirror.

We were at an impasse on the whole situation when Febreze came wafting to the rescue with its brand new Febreze Car Vent Clips! I was absolutely delighted to learn that Febreze had created a new line of products especially designed for the vehicle. For whatever reason, Febreze products have never given me a headache or made me feel sick so I was hopeful that the Car Vent Clip might finally be a car freshening solution we could both agree on!

Febreze Car Vent Clip on vent

The clever design is a huge part of the car freshener’s appeal. The handy freshener has a sleek black and grey design and a small compartment filled with the scent. I simply pushed up the clip in the back to lock the clip into place and puncture the scent compartment with one clean and clever action. I was then able to secure the Febreze Car Vent Clip on the front vent panel of the minivan. When the air from the vent pushed through the vent clip, the fabulous Midnight Storm aroma permeated the air!

Like all Febreze products, the Febreze Car Vent Clip didn’t just cover up odours but actually eliminated them. Needless to say, my husband loved that feature! And the device even had a handy dial on the top so that I could control how much of the pleasant aroma was dispersed. I really liked the scent, but I still didn’t want too much of it!

febreze car vent clip

We also received a Meadows & Rain and a Linen & Sky Febreze Car Vent Clip and I loved that the packaging had handy scratch-and-sniff dots on the front so that we could see how we liked the various scents. My personal favourite was the Meadows & Rain; the fresh, crisp aroma reminded me of being in a grassy field in the summer. My husband said he preferred the muskier and manlier scent of the Midnight Storm vent clip that we had put in the van!

I am so happy to have finally found a car scent that my husband and I can both enjoy. Truth be told, I don’t like unpleasant aromas in the car any more than my husband does; I just had never found a way to solve the problem without overpowering myself with scent! Thanks to Febreze, now I can enjoy riding in a car that smells as good as it looks!

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19 thoughts on “Eliminate Odours With New Febreze Car Vent Clips!”

  1. Julia @AskMamaMOE

    Oooo, I have to try this one! I too hate the overpowering car scents that some companies have. I love clearing out odors but don’t want my car to smell like a perfume factory either. Thanks for this post, I look forward to trying them out!

  2. Oh Febreze, I love this new product of theirs, so smart and inexpensive! I heard about this for the first time earlier as well and have it added to my grocery list to get for both my van and the hubby’s jeep!

  3. Too cool! I’ve seen the ads and commercials for these and have been curious. I’ve never been one to have car fresheners in the car, because I’m really sensitive to strong perfumes and fragrances. They give me terrible migraines. I’d like to try these ones if they’re not too potent! Thanks for the review!

    1. Christine, I am EXACTLY the same way. I’ve usually done okay with Febreze though…but what’s the best for folks like us is that these car fresheners have a little dial so that you can “turn down” the amount of scent that’s released!

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