Katie M. Berggren-Painting Intimate Moments of Motherhood-Review

I’ve seen a lot of different products in the last two years of blogging and so it’s pretty rare for me to find something that both touches my heart and blows me away with its brilliance all at once.

But that’s exactly what the paintings from artist Katie M. Berggren did to me and I knew right away that I had to have one.

These painting are simply stunning; there’s no other way to describe them. Katie is hailed as the #1 motherhood artist in America and her artwork features gorgeous depictions of parents and children that almost seem to radiate love and energy. I was thrilled when I was given the chance to review an archival print of one of her paintings for myself.

katie m berggren happy hour print

While Katie M. Berggren has a huge collection of gorgeous paintings, I knew immediately which one I wanted to review.

Happy Hour took my breath away from the first moment I saw it and I couldn’t imagine a picture that better represented my love for my boys.

I requested the 12” by 12” print and I was so happy to see how carefully it was packaged when it arrived. It came in a stiff mailer envelope and when I pulled it out I saw it had been placed in a clear plastic envelope with an acid-free cardboard backing to ensure that it reached me in mint condition.

Even though I didn’t have the frame ready for it yet, I still had to pull it out right away and examine it close up.

The print looked even more vibrant and radiant in real life than it had looked on the website. I was so excited and decided to hang it up over the desk where I do my blogging to remind me of my boys and help keep me inspired.

The prints all come unframed and while I’m sure I could have found a suitable frame at a department store, I really wanted to do something special for this picture, so I decided to have it professionally framed.

I’m so glad I did; it makes this gorgeous print even more special to me! To enjoy all the newest artwork from Katie M.  Berggren, I highly recommend visiting her Facebook page or following @kmberggren on Twitter.

katie m berggren set of six 4x4 paintings

All of Katie M. Berggren’s prints are of archival quality so that the colours won’t fade over time, ensuring you’ll be able to enjoy your print for decades to come.

I can’t imagine any mother not falling in love with this stunning artwork, so check out this collection of prints for mothers and families for yourself.

You’ll be sure to find one that touches your heart and reminds you of just how wonderful being a parent truly is!

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