Taylor Joelle Designs Baby Boutique Review

taylor joelle cape shirtI love boutique kids’ clothing because it lets my boys have a style that’s all their own, and the gorgeous clothing from Taylor Joelle Designs fulfills my desire for originality perfectly.

This great online baby boutique offers unique clothing and accessories for infants, toddlers and older children and I was thrilled when I got the chance to review one of their adorable shirts.

I received the Cape Shirt with Lighting Bolt in a size 3T to review. This shirt is absolutely ingenious.

The bright lighting bolt decal really stood out on the jet-black shirt, and the removable black cape that attached with Velcro was the perfect finishing touch! Benjamin loved the shirt as soon as he saw it and I couldn’t wait for him to try it on!

Benjamin in Taylor Joelle Cape Shirt
My sweet boy showing off his Taylor Joelle Designs Cape Shirt!

The shirt looked wonderful on my son, but what I really liked was how soft and comfortable the shirt was. It was made of a rayon and polyester blend and it had a great smooth and stretchy feel.

Benjamin, on the other hand, was much more fascinated by the lightning bolt and the cape. He had so much fun running around pretending to be a superhero with his Cape Shirt on!

Taylor Joelle also offers adorable choices for girls, including the too-cute Ruffle Romper, and great accessories like ties, leggings, hats, headbands and so much more! And all the pieces are so unique and are sure to make your baby or toddler stand out in a crowd!

taylor joelle ruffle romperI am so in love with my son’s superhero-style Cape Shirt and he loves it too. He has so much fun running around with his big brother defeating “bad guys” and I have so much fun watching him!

If you want clothes and accessories that are as unique as your kids, check out Taylor Joelle Designs for yourself. The gorgeous clothing choices will ensure that your prince or princess is the most stylish child in town!

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