Zax’s Original Kid’s Bruise Cream Review

Growing up in small town Saskatchewan, I lived a pretty wild and free childhood, complete with all the bumps, bruises and scrapes that come along with things like sledding, bike riding and exploring the tree-filled greenery of the Qu’Appelle Valley. And for the most part, my boys are enjoying the same type of rough-and-tumble childhood that I did. They are both incredibly high-energy kids and I love spending time running, jumping and playing with them.

Zax's Original Kid's Bruise CreamBut all that playtime means that my boys also tend to acquire their fair share of bumps, bruises and scrapes. Whether I’m dealing with Zackary’s skinned palms after a bike-riding mishap or Benjamin’s bumped knee after a stumble on uneven outdoor ground, our house has its fair share of minor injuries to treat!

Recently I was given the chance to test out a tube of Zax’s Original Kids Bruise Cream and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect product for our household. This natural cream uses traditional herbs to help relieve pain and speed the healing of bruises. Only another mom of highly active kids will be able to understand how excited I was to try out this cream!

The cream’s active ingredient is Arnica and when I rubbed the cream on a bruise on my leg to see what it was like, I noticed that the cream seemed to get warm as I rubbed it in. I found the warmth to be quite soothing so I looked forward to seeing how the kids would like it.

And in the next few weeks, I got ample opportunities to test it out! First Zackary rolled off the couch while doing a headstand and bonked his leg. Then his friend Jossy was hit in the arm by a Hot Wheels car during a rather exuberant race. Finally, to top it off, Benjamin tripped and bonked his head into the door as he fell forward.

All the bumps and bonks got a dab of Zax’s Original Kid’s Bruise Cream and all the kids just loved it. While Zack’s friend Jossy initially said that it felt hot, she soon decided that she liked it and wanted some more! And I noticed a difference in the speed of healing almost immediately. The bruise on Zackary’s leg was gone within a few days. And to my amazement, Benjamin’s forehead never developed a bruise at all!

I found the cream worked best if it was applied right away so I made sure to keep it in the kitchen where I could grab it at a moment’s notice. I really didn’t see the same speedy healing when I applied it to existing bruises like the ones Zackary brought home from school. But when one of my boys had a mishap in the house, I made sure that I gently massaged a dollop of Zax’s Original Kid’s Bruise Cream onto the bump first thing and the results were always impressive.

Childhood is usually filled with hard knocks but in my opinion, that’s just part of growing up and having fun! I’d rather deal with the occasional bruise than have my boys sitting and staring at the television all day! And when they do get those inevitable bumps and bruises, I’ll be turning to Zax’s Original Kid’s Bruise Cream first thing. It’s such an easy and effective way to help my boys forget about their injuries and get back to enjoying their day!

Buy It: Zax’s Original Kids Bruise Cream is available at pharmacies and health food stores across Canada, so check the website for a retailer near you!

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  1. I like that you can buy it at almost every pharmacy in Canada – it sucks when it’s a product, exclusive to a certain store – I don’t want to have to go out of my way.

  2. I learned its made of natural products but I love the idea of a kids bruise cream. My poor kids are a tad on the clumsy side so bruises are very common. I’d love to be able to put a cream on them to help speed up the healing.

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