Top Five Naughtiest Names of Mattel Hot Wheels Cars

My son has been obsessed with Hot Wheels cars since Santa left one in his stocking when he was 18 months old. His collection has been growing ever since and now that he’s five, we have literally hundreds of cars and other merchandise. As a result, I’ve become pretty familiar with the names of Hot Wheels cars. Some are accurate, others are descriptive, many are hilarious, but some are…well…just downright dirty! Without further ado, here are my top five picks for naughtiest Hot Wheels names of all time!

5. Nightstreaker – Slightly open to interpretation, I know, but I can’t help but think about streaking when I hear it!

hot wheels nightstreaker

4. Twang Thang – Okay, so it gets its name from its guitar theme. Yet it sounds dirty, doesn’t it?

3. Sugar Caddy – Such a clever play on words, but SO not a good concept for kids!

hot wheels sugar caddy

2. Whip Creamer – Okay, this could be completely innocent. But it just strikes me as incredibly naughty. Or do I just have a dirty mind?

hot wheels whip creamer

1. The grand prize winner…doot, doot de doo….Strip Teaser!!
– I don’t know who named this car, but clearly its target market was NOT five-year-old children!

hot wheels strip teaser

Now I should point out that these cars are mostly vintage Hot Wheels from a slightly less politically correct day. And personally, I don’t mind these names in the slightest because they all go right over my son’s head. But one day when he hits his teens, he’s going to catch on to some of the innuendos. And that day is going to be hilarious!

21 thoughts on “Top Five Naughtiest Names of Mattel Hot Wheels Cars”

  1. So I just *happen* to have a hot wheels on my desk, still in it’s packaging and had to check out it’s name. I never realised they had names, though it makes sense. Apparently I’m the proud owner of “Evil Twin”, lol. :D I think my bro still has his collection from WAY back when; I’ll have to see it next time I go visit him to check out the car names now, heh.

    1. lol! My son owns Twin Mill, Twin Mill II and Twin Mill III. Apparently you’ve got the one that went bad. ;) I swear, Hot Wheels names could keep me entertained for hours!

  2. Apparently I’m going to have to start paying closer attention to my son’s Hot Wheels. I didn’t even know they had names!

      1. That would be pretty hilarious! They sure did come up with some creative names though you have to give them kuddos for being able to think them all up! Lol

        1. oh yah and sometimes really nice cars are known as “whips” so that one kind of makes sense too lol. This is what I get from watching car shows with my husband…

          1. lol! that’s it exactly; they really do a great job of creating clever names. I actually have a second post planned about the “punniest” Hot Wheels names, because some of them are pretty awesome too. ;)

  3. My husband is an avid collector and has turned my 5 y/o into one as well. I think we may have one if not all of these in their collection and now that I think of it some of them have some incredibly naughty names (if you have that kind of mind)

    1. Sounds just like our household, except that it was my five-year-old that converted my hubby! lol They really do, hey? I had a couple more that I was tempted to add too… lol

  4. LOL! You have an adult mind, if not a dirty mind! Kiddos would likely totally miss the suggestive nature of the names, so it must be a ‘funny’ thing they did to amuse the parents, like many ‘kids movies’ have done, too. These names made me laugh. Especially “Whip Creamer”…. lol!

    ~ Raylene

    1. Very true, Raylene! lol It’s funny because “Whip Creamer” is way less suggestive than “Strip Teaser,” but somehow that actually makes it way, way funnier!

  5. bwhahahahaa……hahaha….can’t stop laughing! seriously! that’s too funny! my boys would go crazy for that Twang Thang! I’ve never seen one like that before. but whip creamer is killing me! so funny!

    1. lol! That’s exactly what I was hoping for! :) My son used to bring the cars to me and ask me “who they were” and that’s when I discovered the names printed on the bottom. Some of them are so clever, and some are absolutely hilarious!

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