Your Child Will Always Be Able to Open the Master Lock dialSpeed Electronic Combination Lock

Though it probably feels like summer just began, it’s actually only a few weeks until school starts again and that means that it’s time to start thinking about getting that back-to-school shopping done!

Pencils, binders and geometry sets all need to be purchased, labelled and packed carefully into a fun new backpack ready for another year of learning.

master lock dialspeedOf course, if you have an older child, one of the most essential school supplies is a combination lock for your child’s locker.

When I was in high school, locks were usually purchased from the school and the combination was kept safe in the school office’s filing cabinet. If a student ever forgot their combination, they could visit the office and have a secretary look up the combination for them.

The system worked fairly well but often the original lock would be misplaced or changed at some point during the year and the combination in the office usually wasn’t updated if that happened. Needless to say, more than one lock had to be cut off a locker!

But now, there’s a better solution for students that don’t want their combination stored in a badly updated mass file at the high school!

The new Master Lock dialSpeed Electronic Combination Lock is the perfect choice for back-to-school students that want a secure, foolproof and high-tech way to keep their belongings safe.

The dialSpeed is a revolutionary new concept in the world of combination locks so I was incredibly curious to learn how it worked.

Instead of using numerical combination, the lock uses directions (up, left, down and right). To make the combination easy to remember, each direction has three numbers and six letters printed above it so that a word, number or alphanumeric combination could be used.

The lock features a primary code that can be changed, but not deleted. And in case of a forgotten code, there is also a Backup Master Code that you can access at

The factory-set code is unique to the lock and cannot be deleted so you’ll never have to cut off a lock because of a forgotten combination.

The lock even has the option of saving up to three guest codes that can be easily used for a short length of time and then deleted.

That makes the dialSpeed the perfect lock for families with more than one child since different kids can use the same lock at different times while still letting each child have their own secure combination.

master lock dialspeed and usb

It took me a bit of practice to figure out how to add a new code since every step has to be performed within five seconds of the previous one to prevent the lock going into sleep mode.

But as long as I planned out the code I wanted to add first and ensured that I knew which direction corresponded to the letters of the word I chose, the process went quite smoothly.

My boys are still too young to need a combination lock for school, but I do use a combination lock quite often when we go swimming at a public pool, shopping at the mall or playing at a gym.

I’m so excited to use this lock to keep our items secure while we’re out having fun. And when Zackary does need it one day, he’ll be able to use it during the school year and still have my combination stored and ready for me to use again the next summer.

Overall, I found the Master Lock dialSpeed Electronic Combination Lock to be very quick and easy to use. If you have a child that needs a combination lock for school, why not check out the Master Lock dialSpeed for yourself?

You can breathe easy knowing that if your son or daughter forgets their combination, you can access the Backup Master Code on the included USB in seconds. It’s the perfect foolproof lock for your child’s busy life!

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