President’s Choice New Supreme Stretchy Fit Diapers and Other Baby Products are Great for Moms and Babies-Giveaway

A few weeks ago President’s Choice surprised me with a fabulous basket full of baby goodies and Chase has been having a great time slowly testing them out ever since. President’s Choice has some pretty fun new products for infants!

pc supreme stretchy fit diapersThe first item we put to use was a pack of PC Supreme Stretchy Fit Diapers. These diapers are said to be super comfy and super absorbent to keep everyone in smiles. Now I’ve never worn the diapers myself so I can’t say I know how comfy they are, but I can tell you that when my baby decides to go to bed at five in the afternoon and sleep until eight the next morning, his diaper can handle it! And if you try the diapers and aren’t satisfied for any reason, you’ll get a refund with your proof of purchase (something that’s true of all PC products).

To accompany our diapers, President’s Choice also sent us its Sensitive Baby Wipes, which are both fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. They are clinically tested for sensitive skin and are made with aloe, Vitamin E and chamomile to help condition baby’s delicate skin. I loved how nice and soft the wipes were for Chase.

President’s Choice also has a variety of Baby Feeding Accessories and its own Joe Fresh brand of baby clothes and accessories. We got two super cute waterproof bibs, both with a pocket at the bottom to catch all that dropped food, and an awesome suction bowl for feeding Chase his meals. The base of the bowl is a large suction cup to prevent baby from tipping it over (something Chase loves to do), and has a spoon and lid for easy travelling. The spoon even clips into the lid so nothing gets lost!

baby and you buttonPresident’s Choice knows that parents these days are busier than ever, so that’s why Loblaw’s started the Baby & You program across Canada. The program includes an active online forum, fun tips and the week’s best in-store deals, so why not stop by the Baby & You Facebook page and check it out? It’s an awesome venue for parents to chat and learn about President’s Choice’s new products for little ones. And so that you can enjoy your own little shopping spree for your baby, President’s Choice is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a $25 President’s Choice gift card! To enter to win, just take a look at the new Supreme Stretchy Fit Diapers and leave a blog comment about your favourite feature of the diapers.

We had so much fun testing out the products in the basket from President’s Choice and the new PC Supreme Stretchy Fit diapers were great for Chase’s long nights. Browse through some of the fun baby products from President’s Choice for yourself and find your favourite!
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  1. I like that they’re hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. I can’t stand how disposable diapers smell after they’ve been soiled.

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