KitchenAid Invites You to Support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Cook for the Cure this Holiday Season

Christmas is a season of reconnecting with friends and family and visiting loved ones, but Christmas is also a season of giving and Cook for the Cure presented by KitchenAid has a brilliant way of combining those two concepts to help raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. This innovative organization has been encouraging women to turn that ordinary dinner event or cocktail party into a Cook for the Cure party to help raise money for this worthy cause.

cook for the cure tea partySo how does it work? Simply let your guests know that instead of hosting that traditional annual Christmas Eve cocktail party or New Year’s bash, you’ll be having a Cook for the Cure party instead! It could be a regular casual gathering or you can get fancy and create a fun theme for your party to raise awareness and funds at the same time!

Recently I was invited to check out the Cook for the Cure website so I could see for myself exactly what was involved in hosting a Cook for the Cure party. It all starts with a quick and easy registration on the website. Not only does this provide a wealth of information for party planners, it also lets guests donate online if they prefer!

I loved the fact that the site gave me so many amazing tips for planning my own Cook for the Cure party. From recipes to party tips to photos of parties hosted by other women, there was plenty of inspiration available! I especially appreciated the tips on how to graciously request donations from guests. This is one of the things that I have a hard time doing, and the idea of requesting a donation in lieu of a hostess gift was an especially ingenious one to me. After all, having money go towards a worthy cause makes much more sense than getting another muffin tin or candleholder.

kitchenaid artisan raspberry ice stand mixerTo whip up all those party treats, the KitchenAid Raspberry Ice Artisan Stand Mixer is the perfect appliance to get the job done. I received one of these powerful mixers to test out and while I’ve never used a stand mixer before, it quickly became a kitchen essential for me. With a 325 watt heavy-duty motor, a convenient Tilt-Head design and three included attachments, this powerful mixer has the versatility and power I need to cook up all kinds of tasty party treats. And best of all, KitchenAid will make a $75 donation to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation for every stand mixer that is sold!

It has been a trend recently in many Saskatchewan small towns for children to request donations on behalf of a charity instead of presents at birthday parties and I love the way that Cook for the Cure is bringing this concept to adult parties as well. In fact, the site inspired me so much that I’ll be hosting my own Cook for the Cure party over the holidays!

If you’re hosting a party during the holiday season, consider hosting that party for a purpose and raising some money for an incredible cause. Guests receive tax-deductible receipts for donations while enjoying an amazing party, and you get a way to raise money for a great cause in an incredibly fun way. So get out those party decorations, send out your invites and Cook for the Cure this Christmas!
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8 thoughts on “KitchenAid Invites You to Support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Cook for the Cure this Holiday Season”

  1. I have the original pink artisan mixer (which also gave a contribution to breast cancer research) and adore it. I have been meaning to host one of these parties and one of these days I will! I even have the “ribbon” cookie cutter to make some pink ribbons cookies for the occasion!

    Saskatchewan also has the highest volunteer rate in the entire country so I’m not surprised that you are seeing more of us wanting to give to charity than receive gifts we don’t need!

  2. Cook for a Cure is such a fun way to raise money! This would be a great party idea for this winter.

    I also love that they donate $75 for every one sold! I have been lusting after a KichenAid Mixer so I will definitely buy this one.

  3. I just wished they came out with more colours for their Professional 600 series.

    Good luck with your Cook for the Cure party.

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