Sensodyne Brilliant Whitening Toothpaste Helps You Enjoy Your Favourite Treats with a Smile

My teeth have been a problem for me ever since I was a teenager. I seemed to get cavities very easily, had some staining and, worst of all, my teeth were very sensitive to hot and cold. It was so bad that sometimes just breathing the winter air would cause a twinge of pain in my mouth.

Today the cavities have been repaired and thanks to a monthly whitening treatment, my teeth are bright. But until recently, I was still having issues with sensitivity. Cold was the big problem for me. I could sip a cup of hot coffee or eat a hot meal without a problem, but sipping chilled water or eating ice cream was close to unbearable.

sensodyne toothpaste and toothbrush

And that’s when Sensodyne came to my rescue. Now Sensodyne toothpaste isn’t new; in fact, it’s been helping Canadians beat the pain of sensitive teeth since 1961. But today Sensodyne comes in an assortment of formulas that don’t just prevent the pain of sensitive teeth but also provide benefits ranging from rebuilding weakened enamel to providing one-minute relief from sensitive tooth pain.

I spent a bit of time studying the options before choosing the Sensodyne Brilliant Whitening toothpaste to test. Since photos and videos are such a big part of my website, having a bright, white smile is almost as important to me as eliminating the pain of my sensitive teeth.

kat and sensodyne

For best results, Sensodyne recommends using its toothpaste twice daily to build long-lasting protection. I started using the toothpaste over a three-day period and to be honest, I had a hard time believing that I would notice a difference in such a short time. But even by the end of the second day I found that I didn’t need to be as hesitant when rinsing with cold water after brushing. On the evening of the third day, I decided to put the power of Sensodyne to the ultimate test: eating ice cream.

kat eating ice cream

I got indulgent and bought a chocolate crunch ice cream bar as an after-dinner treat. Though I’d been noticing less sensitivity when brushing my teeth with the cold water, I have to admit that I was still pretty nervous about biting into it. But my front teeth, which sometimes cause me pain near the gum line, were unaffected by the cold treat and, even when the ice cream came into contact with my incredibly sensitive back molars, there wasn’t any of the shooting pain I’d been anticipating. It was so nice to be able to enjoy a decadent ice cream treat again!

If you suffer from the pain of sensitive teeth, it can be hard to believe that anything will help. But Sensodyne really does and with so many varieties to choose from, you can find a formula that will also provide the other dental benefits you require. Whether you want effective and gentle whitening or a whole-mouth clean with the help of the new iso-active formulas, there’s a Sensodyne toothpaste for you, so check out the selection for yourself and find your Sensodyne!

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15 thoughts on “Sensodyne Brilliant Whitening Toothpaste Helps You Enjoy Your Favourite Treats with a Smile”

  1. Love this post! Your ad pics are sooo cute! Since having kids my teeth are a lot more sensitive! I can’t believe that 3 days is all it took to find relief! I will definitely have to invest in that!!

  2. Oh look at you; you little foxy mom in her camisole sharing us your review on Sensodyne ;) LOL!
    Can I have some Hagen Daz? #pregnancycravings
    On a side note, great post. I use this brand off and on.

  3. You’re so cute! I never had a problem with sensitivity but recently I have started too :(. My husband has been a long time user of Sensodyne and it really works. I just bought him some for his stocking!

  4. I love Sensodyne! It really does work great for sensitive teeth and I love that there’s whitening too :) I’m so jealous of that ice cream you’re eating! LOL

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