Create Lovely Light and Dramatic Dark Makeup Looks with the New Pur Minerals Beautiful Creatures Collection

The highly anticipated film Beautiful Creatures will be hitting theatres on February 14 and my very favourite cosmetics company, Pur Minerals, is celebrating with a gorgeous special edition set inspired by the movie.

I recently received the Pur Minerals Beautiful Creatures Collection to review and I couldn’t wait to use it to create some fun new looks.

The set contains eight spellbinding eye shadow shades ranging from innocently light choices to captivating dark colours, Lust lip gloss and Black Magic eyeliner. I decided to check out the Pur Minerals Beautiful Creatures website and create a look based on one of the characters from the movie.

pur minerals beautiful creatures

My eyes tend to look best with dramatic makeup so I followed the instructions for creating the dark look inspired by Ridley from Beautiful Creatures. With just three easily applied eye shadow shades, Secret, Supernatural and Fantasy, I had a mesmerizing dark eye that added instant drama to my look. Eyeliner, mascara and a swipe of sweet pink-tinted lip gloss finished the look.

This look is perfect for date night or a special event and while it is a dramatic look, it’s also incredibly wearable for an evening outing. I especially liked the way the Supernatural eye shadow, a pale cream colour, lightened the look to make it soft and subtle instead of severe.

In fact, to ensure that my eyes had a wide-open look, I dabbed a bit of Supernatural shadow in the inner corners of my eyes too. This is a great easy trick for making sure that a dark, dramatic eye still looks fresh.

beautiful creatures pur minerals kathryn lavallee

Pur Minerals has a tutorial for both this look and a light look inspired by Lena from Beautiful Creatures available on the website and if you’re dying to recreate one of these looks yourself, make sure to grab the kit!

I am already devoted to Pur Minerals because the company’s natural mineral makeup is the only brand I’ve found that provides such great coverage without making my skin break out.

But I also love that Pur Minerals is constantly innovating with sets featuring the latest trends. The fact that I can be kind to my skin, look great and satisfy my inner fashionista all at the same time is pure bliss to me! So check out this fabulous new collection for yourself. You’ll stand out from the crowd when you head to the theatre to see Beautiful Creatures on Valentine’s Day!

11 thoughts on “Create Lovely Light and Dramatic Dark Makeup Looks with the New Pur Minerals Beautiful Creatures Collection”

  1. LOVE pur minerals! So do my teen daughters! We are completely devoted to it. I am Canadian and had difficulty signing up for their e-mail but finally managed to. Thanks for the chance to win this!

  2. Sounds like the perfect gift to give to Snuggle Bunnies(TM) across the land for Valentine’s Day. Or as I like to call it, Make-Boyfriends-Breakout-Into-A-Cold-Sweat-Looking+For-The-Right-Gift-That-Isn’t-Chocolates-Or-Ill-Fitting-Lingerie Day

    1. Lol! Well, a good girlfriend will see the thoughtfulness behind the gift and be less concerned with fit and calorie content, so I wouldn’t worry too much, MrD. ;)

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