Build Strong Literacy Skills with Books and Resources from Newmark Learning-Giveaway

I am a huge advocate for literacy and because of that, I’ve always looked for the best ways to help my boys develop strong reading skills. From alphabet flash cards to sight word activity sheets, I choose games and activities that combine fun and learning whenever I get the chance. So when I heard about Newmark Learning and its extensive line of books and other educational resources, I was excited to learn more about the company’s products.

I was given the chance to review an assortment of products, so I requested reading, math, science and social studies books at the Grade 1-2 level, Zackary’s current reading level at the time. The books were full colour and very appealing to both of my boys, but I really wanted to see how Zackary liked the content.

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My son enjoyed the reading books featuring fun adaptations of favourite songs and rhymes including Old McDonald and The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, but it was the science books that really captured Zackary’s attention. My oldest son has always been fascinated by science and nature, so he absolutely adored reading about natural disasters, weather and sound. And I appreciated the questions and discussion prompts at the end of the books that helped develop my son’s comprehension of the books and the descriptive language he needed to share what he had read.

Newmark Learning has partnered with enCompass Media to offer one lucky reader their own fabulous prize pack consisting of $150 in the winner’s choice of products and a one-year subscription to the Newmark Interactive website, a $450 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about what products you would choose from Newmark Learning if you won.

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Zackary has read every single one of the books he received from Newmark Learning and his favourite ones are always close at hand in his room so that he can read through them on his own whenever he likes. I love that he can learn about his favourite topics and develop his reading skills at the same time thanks to these age-appropriate readers. Check out the selection of books and learning materials from Newmark Learning for yourself and let your child dive into the wonderful world of reading!
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65 thoughts on “Build Strong Literacy Skills with Books and Resources from Newmark Learning-Giveaway”

  1. I would get some of the first readers in Spanish (age 3-4) – and I could get a lot of them for $150 as the prices are great!

  2. I would love to use the parent resources with my two children. I think it is very important to read to your child. It makes it easy when there are great resources like you provide. :)

  3. my kids all love to read and if the books are geared for younger kids my nieces and my nephew are the same way!! they love books!!!

  4. My daughter is a reader at 15 months, well she loves books I should say.. so the Age 3-4 books will be a great addition to the current book selection we have!

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