Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-Friendly GE Lighting Bright from the Start CFL Bulbs

It’s Earth Day and there’s no better time of the year to make changes to your life and your household that will help protect the environment for future generations! This year, GE Lighting wants to help you “see the light” when it comes to making your household more eco-friendly. And the best part is that making earth-conscious choices for your household can often result in lower utility bills too!

ge lighting bright from the startGE Lighting Bright from the Start energy smart CFL bulbs are the perfect example of how a small change can make a big difference when it comes to minimizing your environmental impact. The bulbs contain a halogen capsule that provides instant brightness on 15 and 20 Watt bulbs and offer an incandescent-like light with CFL savings. In fact, one bulb can last up to 7.3 years, saving $39 in energy over the life of the bulb!

The best part is that the new GE Lighting Bright from the Start bulbs look like regular bulbs and are designed to give off a softer, more diffuse light than traditional CFL bulbs. Finally, you can see your home in its best light and still save money and energy!

Check out the full range of GE Lighting Bright from the Start bulbs or any of the other fabulous GE Lighting options and find the best energy and cost efficient lighting for your home! And in celebration of Earth Day, make sure you stop by the GE Lighting Promos Facebook page to get a fabulous money-saving coupon on GE Lighting Bright from the Start Reveal CFL bulbs!

While protecting our environment is a big job, it only takes a little change to make a difference over time. That’s why GE Lighting offers energy efficient lighting options that let you celebrate Earth Day by ensuring that your house is being shown off in its best light while you save energy and money!
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