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These days, so many of the toys that my boys have are based on characters from their favourite TV shows and video games. I want them to have toys that they like but often when I listen to them play, they are re-enacting scenarios they have seen rather than creating their own stories. My boys have fabulous imaginations; so even under those circumstances they tend to come up with some pretty fabulous twists. But I wanted to find some toys that let my boys use their imaginations more and external prompts less.

boy with goofy grin monsters

That’s why I loved the concept of Goofy Grin Monsters. These loveable monsters are brightly coloured, whimsically designed and feature big, irresistible grins. The monsters live in a fictional place called Goofy Grin Village and while each monster has a name and a brief biography, the characters are purposely left open to a child’s interpretation beyond that. Imagination can take off when a child plays with a Goofy Grin Monster!

I received the Community Pack of all four monsters to review. My boys had a blast choosing the ones that would be their special friends. Zackary chose Sloan, the mayor of Goofy Grin Village who was born in a volcano, and Irmi, the mad scientist with a love of experimenting. Zackary’s always had a fascination with volcanoes and a love of science in general, so these two characters were a perfect fit for him. Benjamin chose BoJoe, the forest ranger and friend of animals and Candy, the energetic master baker. Being a toddler, I think Candy’s bright candy colours were the biggest appeal for him and he loves animals so BoJoe was a great choice!

boy with goofy grin monster toy

The boys went through a lot of phases with their Goofy Grins Monsters. Initially the monsters stayed in the boys’ bedrooms for cuddling with at night. Then Benjamin developed an attachment to BoJoe and began carrying him around the house. Zackary, who is a very proficient reader, loved reading the little bios that came with each monster. And both boys started incorporating the monsters into their pretend games.

My personal favourite of those games was one Benjamin created with Candy. This sweet little monster has all kinds of candy elements incorporated into her design. From candy corn horns to a cupcake nose to jelly bean clothes, she definitely has the right name! Benjamin told me that Candy was magic so that every time he ate one of the pieces of candy on her clothes, it grew back. We had so much fun pretending to eat the jellybeans off her outfit and I loved Benjamin’s sound effects after as the candy “magically reappeared.”

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If you’d like to see for yourself what Goofy Grin Monsters are all about, you’re in luck! One lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader is going to win a Community Pack of all four Goofy Grin Monsters, an $80 value! To enter to win, just check out the Goofy Grin website and leave a blog comment about which one you think your child would like best. And that’s not all! The company is also very generously offering Mommy Kat and Kids readers an exclusive coupon code good for 20% off their order! Just enter coupon code mommykat20 at checkout.

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In addition to the plush toys, Goofy Grin Monsters will also be releasing a set of Level 1 readers featuring the cheerful inhabitants of Goofy Grin Village. I’ll have a review of the books in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, check out these plush toys and see what you think! They’re such a positive way to encourage your child’s imagination and the monsters make great cuddly friends for kids of all ages!
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