Indulge Yourself with the Rich Gourmet Flavour of Castello Cheese

castello mellow blueRecently I had the chance to review the delicious cheese available from Tre Stelle. As a huge cheese lover, I was delighted and I had a great time testing out a few different varieties of Tre Stelle cheese. So when I was asked to try some of the varieties of cheese available from Castello, one of the company’s sister brands, I couldn’t resist.

Castello specializes in blue cheeses but the brand also carries a variety of other hard and soft cheese. I grabbed a package of Mellow Blue Cheese and a box of Brie to try. To be honest, Castello Mellow Blue is a cheese that I’ve had in the past many times. It’s my favourite brand of blue cheese because as blue cheese goes, it isn’t overwhelming and while it has the rich, salty flavour that I expect from blue cheese, it’s also a milder blue cheese choice.

Brie, on the other hand, is a soft, mild cheese that is delicious eaten cold in wedges but it’s even better served warm, especially topped with a little brown sugar. I cut the top off the Brie, sprinkled it with a blend of brown sugar and chopped almonds and then placed it in my Brie baker. After ten minutes in the oven at 200 degrees, the cheese was perfectly melted and ready to be spread on crackers.

castello brieThe Castello Brie was a creamy and rich treat for an afternoon snack and was delicious topped with the brown sugar and almond mixture. It made for an incredibly indulgent treat and would be a perfect appetizer for a party as well.

Castello also offers delicacies including aged Havarti cheese and Chiantino cheese and the website houses an assortment of delicious recipes. The wide variety of cheeses ensure that anyone can find a type of cheese they love. Check out the selection and enjoy the rich flavour of Castello cheese for yourself!
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8 thoughts on “Indulge Yourself with the Rich Gourmet Flavour of Castello Cheese”

  1. I love Brie…my sister (the best cook in the family) once made baked brie and it was covered in strawberry jam. There were crackers and bread to spread it on…so good! I love cheese :)

  2. Mmmm! There is something about cheese that I simply cannot get enough of!

    Other than blue cheese, which I have tried to many times to aquire a taste for and just cannot stop gagging when I bite into it, I have not come across a cheese that I am not loving :-)

    Brie is such a great appy for a party!

    1. Lol! I am a huge Gruyere fan, but there is a cave-aged Gruyere that is the same way for me. I just can’t love it, no matter how hard I try. But Brie…mmmmm!!!

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