Tasty Snacks, Art Supplies and Gentle Skincare in the March LittleEcoFootprint Subscription Box

I love discovering new eco-friendly products for my family, which is why I love LittleEcoFootprint. Near the end of March I received my second box of eco-friendly baby products from LittleEcoFootprint and I couldn’t wait to open it. These boxes are an absolute steal at just $25 including shipping since each one contains up to $40 in eco-friendly products and tons of exclusive coupon codes too!

This month was no exception and I eagerly pulled out all kinds of fun products for our family. The box contained a Buncha Farmers Stain Remover Stick, Carre Jaune Natural Foam Wash, a Crayon Rocks Spring Sample Pack, an ecojot Giraffes Growth Chart, John Masters Organics Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Wash, a Boske Kids $10 Gift Card and First Food Organics Organic Yogurt Yums and Organic Banana Munch Mix!

littleecofootprint march box

I happened to receive the box just before Zackary’s parent-teacher interviews at the school, so the Banana Munch Mix got pulled out right away for the boys to eat as we waited for our interview. The boys devoured the light, airy cereal crisps and dried banana and I liked that they were getting whole grains and real fruit.

The Crayon Rocks were another huge hit and were especially perfect for Benjamin, since they are designed to strengthen the tripod grip muscles in preparation for printing. And the natural soy wax crayons had such great vibrant colour too!

littleecofootprint stain remover

My own personal favourite in this month’s subscription box was the Buncha Farmers Stain Remover Stick. Like most little boys, Zackary and Benjamin are very good at getting dirty and having an effective stain remover on hand is absolutely essential. The Bunch Farmers stick is made with all-natural ingredients and enhanced with borax to aid in the cleaning process to keep my boys’ clothes looking like new without harsh chemicals!

The April LittleEcoFootprint boxes are being shipped out now, so if you haven’t registered for these subscription boxes yet, now is a great time to do so! There are all kinds of fun surprises on the way next month and amazing new eco-friendly companies to discover! Sign up today and get ready for eco-friendly fun delivered to your door every single month!
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5 thoughts on “Tasty Snacks, Art Supplies and Gentle Skincare in the March LittleEcoFootprint Subscription Box”

  1. Ha! My first thought was “I wonder how the stain remover works….” haha!

    So where can you BUY the products in the box if you like them?

    1. That’s so funny;good stain removers are hard to find! Lol Most are available online through their websites (I linked to them all above so people can check them out) but any that aren’t have information included in the box about where to purchase them. :)

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