Get Your Yard Ready for Summer with Lawn Care Supplies from Canadian Tire

cil golfgreen 1-step lawn makeoverAfter a long and cold winter, spring is finally here to stay and for most homeowners, that means it’s time to get the front lawn looking lush, green and picture perfect!

Canadian Tire has always been my favourite store for all my outdoor lawn and garden needs and this year, the company sent me its CIL Golfgreen 1-Step Lawn Makeover grass seed and Gardena ZoomMaxX Sled Sprinkler to help me get my lawn in tip-top shape for summer!

Overseeding is one of the best ways to ensure a thick and healthy lawn and the two times of year that are best for overseeding are spring and fall.

Our lawn was only planted a few years ago and due to a nearby lot that isn’t very well maintained, the front yard frequently ends up full of dandelions and weed grass.

When the seeded grass grows thick enough, it can choke out the weeds, which is one of the reasons overseeding is so important.

I decided to seed the front lawn with the 1-Step Lawn Makeover and then put the sprinkler in the middle of the yard so that I could water it regularly. Seeding a lawn produces amazing, lush results but it does require a lot of water.

Keeping the seed moist for the first week is essential. Fortunately, with the Gardena ZoomMaxX, watering the lawn was as easy as could be! The adjustable controls for width, length and water flow let me set the sprinkler to ensure that all the seed was getting watered without wasting water anywhere I didn’t need it.

gardena zoommaxx sprinklerAbout a week later, I noticed new grass starting to sprout and thicken out the lawn.

I made sure to continue giving the lawn a regular watering every day or so, but thanks to the peat that was incorporated into the seed mixture, I actually needed less water to keep the seed moist and growing well.

And the incorporated fertilizer helped to ensure that the grass seed grew quickly and healthily.

Our lawn is looking great this year and I am very pleased by what a big difference overseeding with the 1-Step Lawn Makeover made. The soft, thick grass is the perfect place for the boys to play and the weeds are as minimal as they have ever been.

Check out the huge selection of lawn and garden care items at Canadian Tire to help ensure your yard is looking great and is ready for summer fun!

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  1. my gardener Manuel *used* to maintain our estate, but ever since we caught him fooling around with Beatrice in the club room we’ve relegated him to butler duties.

  2. Erin @ Life's Little Detours

    I do all the lawn care at my house and I’m trying to fix up the patches of mud left behind by last year’s deck add-on :)

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