The Disney Princess Experience in the Fantasy Faire Royal Theatre at Disneyland

There are so many little things about Disneyland that all combine to make visiting the resort a magical experience and on a recent press trip, I had the chance to experience those little things first hand. Disneyland is always growing, expanding and adding amazing new attractions to appeal to its visitors. But part of the magic of Disney is that those attractions are always specifically designed so that they feel timeless, as if they have been a part of the park since it was first built.

disneyland fantasy faire

The Fantasy Faire attraction is the perfect example of that philosophy. This new section of Fantasyland at Disneyland opened in March of this year, but it feels as if it was always there. The attraction features medieval buildings, princess meet-and-greets and exclusive live shows, and if you have a little princess in your family, this is sure to become one of your favourite new places in Disneyland!

fantasy faire royal theatre

My boys and I had the chance to watch one of the two live shows that are performed each day in the Fantasy Faire Royal Theatre. Tangled and Beauty and the Beast alternate each day in the theatre with multiple show times each day, so I decided to take Zackary and Benjamin to one of the afternoon showings of Tangled.

fantasy faire royal theatre rapunzel

I have to admit, I had doubts about my boys, who both currently think that girls are “yucky,” enjoying the show. I should have known better. If there is one thing at which Disneyland excels, it’s creating attractions that appeal to the whole family. Tangled was no exception and I absolutely loved the combination of sophisticated humour, silly slapstick, energetic storytelling and audience interaction that filled the show.

fantasy faire maidens cheering with crowd

Condensing a two-hour movie into a 30-minute play featuring only a handful of characters is no easy feat but Tangled pulled it off with style. The show opens with some quick instructions from the local maidens on the proper way to cheer for the heroes and boo at the villains. Immediately my boys were caught up in the fun and yelling along with the audience.

disneyland fantasy faire royal theatre tangled

While the kids were riveted to the story, it was the clever presentation that had me giggling from start to finish. Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones did a fabulous job of adding humour to the show in unexpected ways and I wasn’t the only one laughing uncontrollably as Jones continually messed up the positioning of his wig as he played the part of the witch.

rapunzel and flynn ryder

In addition to the Royal Theatre, Fantasy Faire is one of the best places for a little girl to meet her favourite princess. The Royal Hall acts as a grand meeting place where the Disney Princesses hold court and greet their guests. With a medieval interior that had us feeling like we were stepping back in time, it was a captivating experience.

boys trying fantasy faire disneyland boysen apple freeze

For the boys, however, I think the highlight of Fantasy Faire was Maurice’s Treats, a food wagon featuring sweet and savoury twisted bread sticks and a signature beverage that is only available at Fantasy Faire: The Boysen Apple Freeze! After a few hours of exploring the park on a warm California day, this tangy, ice-cold blend of apple slush, boysenberry syrup and passion fruit foam is a sure pick-me-up. And the foamy treat is even available in a special collectible royal goblet or mug!

benjamin disneyland boysen apple freeze

The entire experience at Fantasy Faire was relaxing, refreshing and a great place to get away from the high-energy experience of the rides for an hour. The boys and I all enjoyed a peaceful break watching a show, having a snack and recharging for more Disneyland fun. If you haven’t visited this new attraction within Fantasyland yet, make sure you add it to your itinerary. The medieval charm of this little village is sure to captivate the whole family!

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  1. We are going with some of our grandchildren out of state to Disneyland in October and look forward to the new addition to Disneyland.

  2. Sounds like an unforgettable trip!! I love watching role play and my son does too. My daughter is a princess, but she’s only 1 so by the time we get to visit Disneyland, she’ll be old enough. I don’t know who will enjoy Disneyland more, me or the kids lol I’ve never been but I can see from pics and stories that its a magical and amazing experience!

  3. What a fun time…my granddaughters would have LOVED to have been there. Maybe one day in the near future.

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