Kids Will Have Sweet Dreams with Brobo the Huggable Night-Light Robot

It took a long time for my boys to be willing to go to sleep without me in the room and even though I’ve finally reached the point that I can cuddle them for a few minutes and then leave before they’ve actually fallen asleep, they still both sometimes have nights in which they’re tossing and turning instead of settling down quietly. That is, until a fun new friend came to my rescue! Brobo, the huggable night-light is a plush toy robot that is perfect for cuddling up with at bedtime. I received two of the Brobo toys to review and I couldn’t wait to see what the boys thought of them.

Of the toys we received, Benjamin chose Brobo the Robot and Zackary chose Mumu the Mummy. The toys run on three AAA batteries and once I had the batteries installed, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to turn the lights on and off on the toys. To avoid accidentally turning on the light, the toys are operated with the help of a sensor that’s embedded into the hand of the robots. Simply touch the toy’s hand to its stomach and the light powers on. One more touch dims the light and a final tap turns off the toy. Because kids can be notorious for not turning off lights, I was happy to see that the Brobo plush toys also included an automatic shut-off feature after five minutes.

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Zackary and Benjamin both fell in love with their new friends the very first night. Zackary has trouble falling asleep right away and so lately he’s been staying up and looking at books until the waning light outside makes it too hard to see. He was so excited to use Mumu to read books a little later at night and I appreciated that he could entertain himself without straining his eyes in the dim light or having the large overhead light keeping him up.

Benjamin, on the other hand, has always fallen asleep quicker and easier than his brother and some nights he doesn’t turn on the light on his Brobo robot at all, just cuddling with the toy instead. But occasionally he will either take longer to fall asleep or wake up in the middle of the night and in the past he would often try to move into my room when that happened. Giving him Brobo and turning on the toy’s light has proven to be very effective at getting him to stay in his bed when he does wake up.

Best of all, these plush toys are completely adorable! In addition to the two that we received, the line also includes a dinosaur named Trex, a dog named Dog and a girl robot named Pep, so there’s sure to be one that captures your child’s heart. And the Brobo characters even have their own educational online cartoon! Take a look at the site and find a new favourite bedtime buddy to help your child sleep soundly all night long!

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