Get Ready for Customized Racing with Tagamoto Cars and Tracks

From Innovation First International, the makers of Hexbugs, comes a brand new toy that will be a sure-fire hit with car-loving kids. Tagamoto is a hot new car and track system that provides kids with hours of entertainment as they race the tiny toy cars around tracks that can be combined and extended into hundreds of different combinations.

Recently I received the Tagamoto Road Set to review and as my oldest son loves cars and already spends hours playing with his collection of Hexbugs, I knew he would be excited to test out this new set as well. The set features one car and a starter track that comes complete with accessories and special bar codes that control the actions of the car.

tagamoto car set

One of the things I immediately liked about this set was that Zackary actually put it together himself. Setting up toys is something that I sometimes find frustrating, so when toys are simple enough that my son can assemble them, I’m always happier. And since Zackary loves building things, he appreciates that too!

The set came with a lot of accessories and stickers and Zackary didn’t worry too much about putting them all in place right away. He loves obstacles so he did put most of the little pylons and a few of the bar codes on the track, but some of the other stickers he waited on putting in place, since he was eager to get his car racing around the track.

The little car reads codes and signals to move around the track and Zackary easily spent half an hour sending the car around the track again and again from different starting points. When he tired of that, he started placing the car on the ground or table to race it. I watched as he raced the car along the top of the Tagamoto box and when it stopped suddenly and then started again, I was a little worried.

tagamoto car

“Is it working properly?” I asked Zackary. He nodded and explained that the car had stopped because it had reached the small picture of a stop sign on the box. Sure enough, the little car actually stops when it encounters a stop sign on the track, or even one printed on the box! How cool is that? And that’s just the start of the customizable experience that kids can have with Tagamoto!

Tagamoto sets are a great toy for any car-loving kid and the bar code enhanced customizable driving experience means that there’s no need to have two cars racing one another in order to have fun. Just one car on a specially customized path can provide plenty of entertainment! These fun sets are available in Canada exclusively at Mastermind Toys, so take a look and let your child have fun driving with Tagamoto.

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  1. in my day we pushed a little grain of rice around pieces of cardboard. we didn’t have fancy smanshy tracks and what have you.

    1. Just because toys have gotten a little fancier doesn’t mean a child doesn’t still enjoy a piece of cardboard and a grain of rice, MrD! ;)

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