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Growing up as a kid it was always a treat to have dinner at a fast food restaurant. Now that I’m older, I try my best to avoid these places and their highly processed ingredients. To me, the quality of what goes into a meal is paramount to healthy eating.

As a burger fanatic, it’s always a challenge to find a place that promises to serve fresh beef that hasn’t been frozen and doesn’t contain antibiotics or hormones. Happily, South St. Burger Co. is one of those rare companies that truly believes in serving products made with the highest standards. The company’s beef is sourced from small Canadian co-op farms to ensure its products are the best consumers can buy at an affordable price.

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With all this in mind, I was very excited to be given the opportunity to try out South St. Burger Co.’s new line of Signature Burgers. These burgers build on their 1/3 lb. fresh beef patties and then finish with premium toppings to create something new and exciting:

The True North: two slices of cheddar cheese, bacon strips, onions with an infusion of maple syrup and a signature sauce.
The Nacho: cheddar cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream with jalapenos and fresh romaine lettuce
The Hawaiian: ginger glazed pineapple, crispy bacon, lettuce, wasabi mayonnaise and hot pepper relish
Mushroom & Swiss: Swiss cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and garlic mayo topped with sautéed mushrooms

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For my meal I expressed my patriotic pride and chose ‘The True North’. The allure of bacon and real cheddar cheese was simply too good to pass up! I added a side of freshly cut NY Fries to compliment the meal. Each order is prepared fresh; the burgers are grilled to order and the fries never sit under a heat lamp. Better still, the burgers are grilled in plain view and I’m not ashamed to say the sight had me growling in hunger!

Biting into my burger instantly brought a smile to my face. The bun was fresh, lightly toasted and just the right size for the patty. (Nothing annoys me more than biting into a burger that is all bun and no meat!) The onions blended with the signature sauce to give a bit of tang that kept my taste buds interested. Two slices of evenly melted cheddar cheese added mild flavour and held the ingredients together. The bacon was absolutely heavenly. Cooked to a satisfying crisp, it was meaty with the same width and size as bacon you would cook at home. This isn’t a shrivelled up scrap microwaved to a rubbery disappointment like the conglomerate chains!

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Now as truly divine the bacon was, the real star of the show was the beef patty. I can honestly say it did not disappoint. Nicely grilled and seared on the outside, the beef was moist and juicy with a great mouth feel and texture. South St. Burger Co. also wisely kept the seasoning in the beef to a minimum, to ensure a flavour and experience that should satisfy a burger enthusiast.

But don’t take my word for it! South St. Burger Co. wants to give you the chance to try one of its new Signature Burgers for yourself, so the company is offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a $20 gift certificate! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which one of the South St. Signature Burgers you would most like to try.

Compared to other places, you truly feel you’re getting value for your money with the new Signature Burgers. This single meal satisfied my craving for something delicious and there’s no doubt I’ve found my new burger of choice the next time I visit South St. Burger Co!
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