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Have you ever found a product that you know will be absolutely perfect for your children, but that isn’t available in Canada? So often I look for items that can solve some of the challenges I have with my children and find something that looks ideal, only to find out that it’s not currently shipping to my country. Fortunately, momtrepreneur Anita had the same problem and decided to help other Canadian parents by opening an online boutique called Kids N More that specialized in importing those great children’s products and selling them in Canada. Recently, I received the Kids N More Knot Genie, TruKid personal care products and Allermates bracelet to test out for myself.

kids n more knot genie trukid allermates

Now my six-year-old Anna has pretty long locks, which she refuses to part with.  Luckily for me she loves her hair so much that she doesn’t mind sitting and running a brush through it for hours on end.  Nevertheless, there are still those rushed moments when her hair is all in a tangle and we need it smooth for school or some other event.  And then there is my three-year-old…now that girl has a wild mane. When it is tamed she has absolutely beautiful curls and ringlettes but those times are the exception.  Mostly it ends up in a horrible nest after a busy day of active play.

My husband and I both try to be patient and gentle while combing through the knots but some level of pain seems to be unavoidable and I really feel bad when they cry and whimper during the whole ordeal.  Now I had heard about these amazing new hairbrushes that detangle hair without any pain or difficulty but I couldn’t find one until Kids N More sent me the Knot Genie!  Boy did I eagerly await that package in the mail. The detangling brush completely lived up to its claims. The soft bristles seem to tease through my daughters’ knots like magic leaving their hair tangle-free in no time.  The Knot Genie detangling brush has become essential to our morning and bath time routines and is preventing a lot of suffering for my girls when we need to get their hair tidy in a hurry.  Our whole family absolutely loves this brush and now our only problem is tracking it down when we need it, as both of my daughters have gotten into the habit of hoarding it away in their bedrooms.  Perhaps we need to get a couple more!

girl using knot genie
Anna at one of her favourite pastimes with her new favorite hair brush!

Kids N More also sent us a variety of TruKid all-natural personal care products including kid-friendly shampoo, sunscreen and a hero stick for scrapes and owies, as well as an Allermates allergy alert bracelet.  We made good use of all the products on our two-week camping trip at the lake this summer.  I love being able to protect my children with products that are safe and natural.  I also loved the allergy bracelet because my oldest does have a nut allergy and it is such a simple way to remind both herself and others to check with her mom before offering her anything.

Right now Kids N More has a very special offer just for you! Mommy Kat and Kids readers can enjoy free shipping on orders of $25 or more with the exclusive coupon code shipfree! I really appreciated the effectiveness and kid-friendliness of all the products from Kids N More.  If you have a little one with tangles who dreads hair-brushing time I highly recommend you try out the Knot Genie for your family to start taking the pain and stress out of this daily event. And make sure to check out the online boutique for a great selection of items for kids that you won’t find anywhere else!

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    1. Lol Randa! Fortunately with two boys I don’t need one but for any mom of girls it’s pure genius! I remember crying like a baby when my mom tried to brush my hair!

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