NanoBlock Building Sets are Big Fun in a Small Size

Building sets are a big thing in our house right now and both my boys are at their happiest when they’re either assembling a new set or putting together pieces from previous sets to create new creations. We have a variety of brands and styles of construction sets and I have to admit that I thought I had seen pretty much all there was to see in this toy category. But then NanoBlock building blocks came along and changed my mind!

nanoblock chrysler building set

NanoBlocks are micro-sized building block sets with pieces that are mere millimetres. The tiny size means that the blocks can be used to create beautiful and elaborate sculptures that are full of detail, yet only inches tall! I was so excited when I received one of the NanoBlock Sites to See Series building sets from RP Toys to check out for myself.

I received the NanoBlock Chrysler Building to review and with over 290 pieces, this set is a perfect introduction to the world of NanoBlocks. The set has a fairly low difficulty level, which I appreciated since this was going to be my first experience with NanoBlocks. I loved the added little details like the trees in front of the building and the towers at the top that really gave the construction an authentic feel.

Even a simple structure such as this one is a challenge with so many little pieces involved, but putting it together was still tons of fun and I have to admit, I really want to get more of the NanoBlock sets to add to my collection. After seeing my boys have so much fun with building sets, I finally have one that’s perfect for me! From ancient castles to miniature animals and so much more, NanoBlock building blocks are fun for kids and adults. Check them out for yourself exclusively at Toys”R”Us and enjoy a little micro-sized building fun!

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