Travellers Stay Safe with Clothing Arts P^Cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Pants

If you’re shopping for someone that loves to travel this Christmas, Clothing Arts has a great original gift idea that’s sure to be loved for years to come. The company’s innovative P^Cubed Pick-Pocket-Proof Pants are designed to be the absolute perfect pants for travelling, not just because of their style and comfort but also because of their security.

Keeping one’s wallet, passport and other essentials safe and secure is one of the biggest worries for any traveller. But the innovative P^Cubed pants from Clothing Arts feature three levels of security and a special hidden passport pocket to ensure that there’s no way for your money, identification or other important items to get lost or stolen while travelling.

clothing arts womens p^cubed pick-pocket proof pants

I received a pair of the Pick-Pocket-Proof Women’s Pants to review and as luck would have it, I was making a trip to Toronto just days after the pants arrived. I decide to wear them for the flight and was I ever glad I did! Since I was making the trip in the fall, the weather had been quite inconsistent and happened to be warmer than I had expected. But these handy pants roll up into comfy capris complete with a button attachment to keep them adjusted properly. And since they repel stains and resist wrinkles, they always look great too.

OF course, the highlight of these pants is the multi-pocket design featuring triple security against loss or theft. The top front pockets both feature zipper closures and a hidden interior pocket. The back pockets and front cargo pockets have button flaps with hidden passport-sized zipper closure pockets inside the main pocket. That means not only do these pants offer plenty of space for important items, they keep those items safe too! And the specially-sized passport pocket is great for keeping a passport safe, but still accessible. No more fumbling through my purse when going through airport security!

clothing arts women's pick-pocket proof pants

Whether you’re shopping for an adventurer that loves to explore the wilderness or a business executive that’s always on the road, these pants are a great gift choice.

They keep items secure and offer so much storage while still looking and feeling sleek and comfortable. What more could a world wanderer ask for?

Take a look at these innovative pants for yourself and help ensure that your favourite traveller can keep important gear and documents secure!

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