New Products from Heinz Baby are a Great Choice for Infants and Toddlers

My two little nephews are two years old and five months old, which means that one child is just starting solids and the other has a fairly well-developed palate but still needs his food to be simple and easy to chew. Heinz Canada has some great baby food choices for infants right up to toddlers and recently I received some coupons so that my nephews could test out some of the products.

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The Heinz baby cereal is perfect for an infant first starting solids. Generally, rice cereal is the top choice for a first food since it’s the least likely to cause an allergic reaction of all the grains. The Heinz Rice Cereal without Milk is one of the most versatile baby foods available since it can be mixed with breast milk or formula for infants and with milk for older babies.

Even better, Heinz now offers a line of infant cereals containing vegetables! Heinz Oat Carrot Apple Cereal and Multigrain Cereal with Sweet Potato are ideal for slightly older infants that have already started to eat a few different foods. And the vegetables are ones that infants tend to favour while also being nice and mild on a baby’s stomach.

For toddlers, there’s the Heinz Little Kids line, which offers delicious and nutritious meals and snacks especially for children between one and four. The Strawberry Vanilla and Apple Cinnamon instant oatmeal was a hit not just with my two-year-old nephew Chase, but with my boys as well. With whole grains, 100% natural fruit and no artificial colours or flavours, it was a tasty and filling breakfast for little ones with lots of energy.

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The Heinz Little Kids Pouches were another hit. These pouches of squeezable fruit are always a hit with toddlers and they’re so convenient too! The tasty flavours include Strawberry Banana and Tropical Fruit Yogurt and the pouches are perfect for popping in a purse or diaper bag when heading out for the afternoon.

Heinz also offers a full line of baby food and snacks, and even a line of certified organic products for little ones. Make sure to check out the Heinz Canada Facebook page for the latest information on new products and the chance to participate in fun promotions too! Whether your child is just beginning to eat solid foods or you’re looking for healthy and tasty snacks for your on-the-go toddler, Heinz has great choices that you and your child will both love.

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  1. I like the Organic Heinz products. We don’t always eat organic ourselves, but i think if I’m feeding food to a really little person organic is better,

  2. i love the Heinz products i keep getting coupons all the time i grew up with heinz and so did my children and now my grandchildren do thankyou Heinz

  3. I had no idea they even had these products!!! They are really adorable.I don’t know anyone with a kid but I will keep this in mind when I know someone who needs baby ideas.

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